The Inheritance of Catholic Pope Benedict XVI

The Inheritance of Catholic Pope Benedict XVI

Heirs, Probate, and Wealth


The death of former Pope Benedict XVI took place last December 31, 2022. He died at the Vatican and resigned as a Pope instead of serving for life. His successor was the Argentine Pope Francis.

    Born Joseph Ratzinger in Germany in 1927, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was the theologian elected to lead the Catholic Church in 2005 following the death of Pope John Paul II, who was canonized as a Saint. Pope Benedict stepped down in 2013 amid ailing health, becoming the first Pontiff to resign since Gregory XII in 1415.


    A Catholic Pope is not just a world leader and a religious celebrity but also the CEO of a large religious global organization with financial obligations and repercussions.


    The Vatican’s official currency is the Euro, but -at the same time- the Vatican’s wealth is disclosed in United States dollars.

    The Inheritance of Catholic Pope Benedict XVI
    The Inheritance of Catholic Pope Benedict XVI

    Contributions from worshippers around the world, known as Peter’s Pence continue to increase year after year, while ecclesiastical subscriptions continue to rise as well. The Vatican’s Bank, which is called “The Institute for Works of Relito” also contributes to the Vatican’s wealth. Also, the Vatican City State brings in a substantial amount of profit thanks to tourism. This means that all Popes inherit an important responsibility with the organization they command, but this is not there’s and they are among the few CEOs in the world who do not see profit out of running such a successful business.


    Now, do Popes have wealth and leave inheritances to their families?


    The answer is yes. Popes can inherit from their family members. In fact,  and once they have died their family members can inherit from them as well. Of course, it is never made public, and courts allow this. Nevertheless, Popes can inherit and be testators of wealth running within their family.


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