Argentine Inheritance Lawyers

Argentinian Successions & International Inheritances

If you inherited real estate, farmland or assets in Argentina, our law firm can assist in 5 easy steps

Argentine Real Estate: Agricultural Farmland

LIMERES can assist with the following legal services to those transacting in the Argentine Farming Industry

Legal Errands

Legal Errands and Document Retrieving in Buenos Aires and most jurisdictions in Argentina


Legal services for farming families in Buenos Aires, Argentina


A Will is a legal document that lets you decide what happens to your money, property.

Argentine Foreign Legal Consulting CA/FL

Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant in Florida & California

Inheritance, Probate & Estate Lawyers in Argentina.

Drafting a Foreign Will, Valid in Argentina

Last Wills and Testaments Drafted in Argentina

Why Choose LIMERES?

  • is an expert in international inheritances involving Argentina and the USA.
  • offers services of drafting wills, processing successions, estate planning and foreign legal advice.
  • has a team of bilingual lawyers who are updated with the latest laws and reforms.
  • Has more than two decades of experience between Argentina and USA

Limeres is an Argentine law firm that specializes in international inheritances involving Argentina and the United States of America [USA].

Buenos Aires Argentina

Argentinian Successions & International Inheritances

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