Hiding Argentine heirs: Civil and Criminal Consequences for heirs and their lawyers.

Hiding of heirs: Civil and criminal consequences

Hiding of heirs: Civil and criminal consequences

Inheritances are an important aspect of Argentina’s society. It is essential to ensure that all inheritances in Argentina are distributed fairly among all the heirs. However, sometimes there may be other heirs that need to be accounted for, and it is important to disclose their existence. This is not only a legal requirement but also it ensures that everyone receives their rightful share of the inheritance.

Unfortunately, some heirs in Argentina choose to hide the existence of other heirs. Either to avoid sharing the inheritance or to keep their creditors from seizing their share of the assets. This is illegal and can have serious consequences in Argentina. It is important to note that the law requires all heirs to disclose the existence of other heirs. Not doing so can lead to civil and criminal penalties.

For instance, if an heir conceals the existence of another co-heir and is declared the sole heir in the Argentine declaration of heirs. In these cases these heirs may be charged with procedural fraud, which is a criminal offense. The consequences of such an offense can be severe, including fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, it is crucial to be transparent and honest when it comes to disclosing the existence of other heirs.

However, not all cases of non-disclosure are done with bad intentions. In some cases, heirs may not be aware of the existence of other heirs, especially if they were born out of wedlock or have been estranged from the family. In such cases, it is important to conduct thorough research to ensure that all heirs are accounted for.

Moreover, if the non-disclosure does not cause harm to anyone else, it is not considered illegal. For example, if an heir inherits property that is not shared with any other heirs, and they decide to keep it to themselves. It is not considered illegal as long as it does not cause any economic harm to others.

In summary, if you are an heir to an estate, it is essential to disclose the existence of all other heirs to avoid any legal consequences. If you are unsure about the legal requirements or need legal advice the best option is to consult this matter with an Argentine lawyer who specializes in inheritances.

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