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Tax Attorney Lawyer in Argentina


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LIMERES specializes in advising American or US Citizens in Buenos Aires and all throughout Argentina in wealth management issues which involve tax issues as well with Argentina’s tax agency which is called AFIP or Administracion Federal de Ingresos Publicos.

When a US Citizen has an interest in conducting business in Argentina or working they must obtain a tax identification number. Argentina, the same as the USA, has both an SSN and an ITIN for foreigners. In this case, US or American citizens must obtain an Argentine ITIN which is called CDI (which stands for Clave de Identificacion Tributaria).

This CDI will allow an American citizen to work, get paid, buy real estate or even buy a new or used vehicle, as well as get loans with Argentine banks. With a CDI a foreigner can do much more. Here we just mentioned a few examples of what most importantly can be done.

The Certificate of Retention and/or Non Retention

from AFIP in Argentina before selling Real Estate


If AFIP is requiring you to obtain a certificate of retention before you sell real estate in Argentina you should only put yourself in the hands of accountants in the City of Buenos Aires, -even if the certificate of retention is for real estate / property in another province different from Buenos Aires, such as Santa Cruz, Mendoza, Catamarca, Santa Fe or Cordoba, just to mention a few-.

This accountant should be experienced with processing these certificates of retention with AFIP, otherwise, they will take 6 to 12 months in processing it when it only takes 30 to 60 days to 45 days to have it completed. Furthermore, we always recommend an accounting firm in downtown Buenos Aires and we can refer you to that accountant if you contact our law firm by email: or by WhatsApp, mobile or text message at the numbers below:


tax accountant argentina
Tax Lawyers Accountants in Argentina

Tax Attorney Lawyer in Argentina


It is imperative that if a US/American citizen needs to retain a tax attorney in Argentina, make sure that this lawyer understands the difference between AFIP and IRS. Mainly, because both agencies do not have any tax treaties on minimizing a double imposition of taxes. This said, there are legal ways not to pay taxes twice for most transactions. Nevertheless, we can explain this in a first consultation once we have analyzed each case in particular. In fact, it is key to understand how much a US citizen reports annually to the United States Tax Agency (The Internal Revenue Service).

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