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About was launched as a result of improving what (2004) and (2015) had achieved. Its founders saw everything they could have possibly seen in the inheritance industry while dealing with cases of every size and nature and decided to launch First, they identified the many critical pains that inheritances endured and started focusing on the most critical ones. Second, by being absolutely convinced that “software was eating the world,” and realizing that if they didn’t improve the way inheritances were being handled, someone else would do it, and that is how the team decided to connect SaaS with Inheritances to focus on solving its two biggest pains.

This is how was finally born. is an inheritance platform that comes to solve the inheritance industry’s two most critical pains: Bad Actors and Cash-Poor Heirs & Testators. The team at Inherit identified many more pains, but these two are the most critical ones regarding inheritances. Other pains that Inherit would plan to tackle later on are:

1. That testamentary documents cannot be signed by digital signature softwares such as

2. That most of the inheritance industry still relies on paper-based documents for transferring wealth which become old and outdated the minute they were drafted such as wills, testaments, or living trusts.


After many years of working together in the Inheritance industry, our team decided to create a platform that tackles inheritances’ two biggest pains: bad actors and inheritance funding. Inherit is giving a solution to these pains with Life Insurance Policies [1] and Security SaaS [2].


  1. As for Bad actors who are always trying to defraud the wealth of every testator who dies, this will be solved with Security in the form of SaaS. Inherit’s platform has engineered a sophisticated “death alarm” that notifies all heirs once the testator has passed away so that all beneficiaries/heirs become fully informed of what exactly they will be inheriting from the decedent as soon as possible because here every minute counts! Why? Because if it’s very difficult to preserve your wealth while you’re alive, just imagine once you’re dead! Hopefully, now you get what we mean by “bad actors”! This system protects the estate’s wealth from getting diverted by bad actors, and most estate’s wealth from being diluted or literally wiped out. is aiming to become the FIRST “post-life security provider for inheritances in the USA”.


  1. Now, as for inheritance funding, meaning helping most testators and heirs who are mostly cash-poor, Inherit solves this with small and large life insurance policies: With small life policies from 20k to 99k Inherit will cover inheritance funding, as most testators and heirs never have sufficient liquidity to fund an inheritance; and with large policies from 100k to 2M, Inherit plans to democratize and make inheritances possible for testators who would have never imagined that it could be possible to leave any money to their loved ones upon passing.


Inherit has huge plans in the future which involve blockchain to record every transaction, and of course, becoming the platform to inherit worldwide with just a few clicks -this would kill wills and trusts, estate lawyers, and the probate court system as well! -, but for now, we want to tackle these first steps.

Inherit’s Go to Market Strategy will involve a combination of several approaches, including identifying our target customers, positioning and branding, working on content marketing, lead generation, growth hacking, sales, and customer success, building partnerships and integrations while using metrics and data analysis.


Inherit is a boring startup because it deals with assuming that we are all going to die and we are going to have to give away everything for which we worked hard for:



Everything in this world that has value can become an inheritance. Hopefully, you will see the ginormous opportunity that we see in focusing on a startup whose only focus is Inheriting better, faster and in an easier way.


Bad Actors


Trying searching on YouTube, Google, or Facebook to read about the horror stories that people have to share about how they’ve been defrauded as heirs of an inheritance. The stories are endless.

Every single inheritance has one if not several bad actors. “Bad actors” in inheritances are those ill-intentioned people whose intentions differ from that of the testator who will usually always want something completely different with their wealth compared to what the bad actors will want.

Testators will usually want to make sure that their loved ones receive their wealth. However, bad actors will usually want it all for themselves. These bad actors will usually always end up steering the inheritance’s wealth by defrauding and/or diluting the estate. Anyone can be a Bad Actor. For example, a husband, a wife, a son, a parent, a best friend, an employee, an aunt, a nephew, or a grandchild. The list is endless.

Post-Life Security


The Post-Life Security solution consists in a feature that provides assistance for handing over to the beneficiaries and heirs. It contains sufficient information about the testator’s property and assets. Consequently, they can receive what the testator wanted and not what any bad actor intends. is the first platform ever to offer a “Post-Life Security feature.” It provides a security service before, during but most importantly AFTER the testator has passed away.

The basis of this service is very simple. It is already difficult to preserve anyone’s wealth during their lifetime. Now, imagine how difficult it would be once a testator passed away. The person becomes a decedent at that moment. During this critical period between the moment in which a testator dies until all its heirs and beneficiaries receive the property and assets of the testator, all sorts of bad actors will take advantage of the testator’s death. In fact, they will try to divert or dilute the decedent’s wealth in their favor as much as the situation will allow. engineered a feature that will continue to evolve. It has the mission of safeguarding the testator’s wealth. Thus, the inheritance ends up in the right hands as the testator would have always wanted.


Cash-Poor Heirs

Most testators die “real estate rich and cash poor.” Now, statistically speaking, the vast majority of the heirs and beneficiaries are all usually “real estate poor and cash poorer.” Usually, this means that most heirs will not want to risk funding someone else’s inheritance with their own funds even if the estate is going to them. It’s no surprise by now that humanity is risk-averse! In fact, most heirs just don’t have the resources to fund an estate even if they wanted!

The solution that utilizes to solve these two pains in the inheritance industry is by utilizing Insurance and Security. appeals to Insurance in applying a twofold solution utilizing Small and Large Life Insurance Policies. With the small life policies, Inherit puts money in the pockets of the heirs to fund the entire transfer process. With the larger amount policies, literally makes it possible for the average person to leave a 2M inheritance. And just by paying a premium that can range anywhere from US$250 to US$500 a month.

    Security has engineered a vault where the testator will explain what should happen with all their wealth upon passing away. After a series of events, the platform will understand that the testator has eventually died. Then, it will open up’s vault to notify all the heirs of the testator’s wealth. They will receive a notification regarding the real intentions of the decedent and where to find all this person’s wealth. is an Inheritance Platform is an Inheritance Platform

    Insurance utilizes life insurance policies in two different ways. [A] With smaller amount life policies of up to $99,000, this will cover the costs of funding the inheritance process. Indeed, most of the heirs can’t afford to fund an inheritance procedure. For example, by simply paying less than $10 a month, a testator can help its heirs pay for the probate process. The moment the testator dies, the small life insurance policies put money in the pockets of the heirs. Thus, they will be able to fund the estate process. [B] With bigger life insurance policies from 100k to 2M, makes it possible for the average person who will never be able to leave a million dollars to their loved ones. Just by simply paying a monthly premium.

  An Inheritance Platform


    The ultimate goal of is to become the go-to platform. There, everyone can inherit everything with just a few clicks. Blockchain will be a great solution to materialize this milestone.


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