Immigration Services in Argentina

Immigration Services in Argentina


LIMERES is a law firm specializing in immigration law. It provides assistance and legal services to companies and individuals from all around the world in compliance with the current migration regulations. This guarantees the appropriate entrance and permanency of foreigners and their families in Argentina.

    Our goal is to provide migration services of excellence to our clients by offering customized assistance throughout the migration process, as well as practical solutions that adapt to their specific needs. Abiding by the migration regulations in force in Argentina allows us to process the entrance permits and residency status in record time.


    Our staff of highly trained professionals has more than 10 years of proven experience in migration services. In addition, they are duly registered in the Sole National Registry of Representatives of Immigrants. This allows them to carry out any migration procedure on behalf of our clients before the National Directorate of Migration.


    Immigration Services in Argentina
    Immigration Services in Argentina

    RENURE (National Registry of Foreigners)


    Registration of Companies and Individuals at RENURE

    Registration update of Companies and Individuals at RENURE

    Legal consultancy and customized assistance during inspections performed by the Directorate of Migration at the address of foreign individuals or companies

    Legal consultancy regarding migration fines



    Transitory Residencies


    Entrance Permits

    Tourist Visas

    Business Visas

    Technical Visas

    Academic Visas




    Temporary Residencies


    Entrance Permits

    Preliminary Residencies and their renewals

    Work Residencies and Transfer of Foreign staff from one foreign company to a local company

    Residency for foreign employees’ family

    Student Residency and Academic Foreign Exchanges

    Residencies for Retired or Pensioned People

    Residencies for Investors

    Religious Residencies

    Residencies for Scientists and Specialized Personnel

    Artistic Residencies

    Residencies by nationality for foreigners born in countries members of MERCOSUR or States Associated with MERCOSUR (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela)

    Residencies for EXTRAMERCOSUR foreigners (born in the rest of the world)

    Sports Residencies

    Residencies for Special Migration Regularization Programs

    Change of migration status from Transitory to Temporary Resident

    Renewal of Residencies


    Permanent Residencies


    Entrance Permits

    Preliminary Residencies and their renewals

    Residencies for the families of Argentine or foreign citizens with permanent residency

    Permanent Residencies for lapse of time

    Change of migration status from Temporary to Permanent Resident



    Documents of National Identity (DNI) and Passports


    Rectification of stamps and migration information on the foreign passport

    Request of DNI before the National Directorate of Migration

    Rectification of personal data on the DNI due to gender identity

    Request of DNI before the Civil Registry with consular visa

    DNI renewals at the Civil Registry

    Request of a new DNI card due to theft, robbery, loss, change of address, or extension

    Request of Argentine Passport






    Argentine citizenship for foreigners from all nationalities

    Argentine citizenship for the children of Argentine citizens born abroad



    Other Services


    Authorization / Permission to exit the country

    Address certificates

    Certificates of Residency / Relocation, Entrance, and Migrating Movements

    Temporary and Final CUIT/CUIL before ANSES

    Early Employee Registration before AFIP

    Certificate of Criminal Records

    Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates

    Consular Notes

    Drafting of Special Powers of Attorney to authorize the entrance and exit of children of the country

    Drafting of Special Powers of Attorney to drive vehicles

    Search for high-quality temporary housing for short-term stays

    Search for appropriate houses for ex-pats and their families

    Customized assistance for the organization of tourist trips to visit different regions of Argentina

    Sworn translation of documentation into all the languages

    Legalization of documents before the Public Association of Translators of Buenos Aires and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina

    Notarial certification of documents

    Overall assistance on permanent and seasonal urban leases

    Preparation of civil and business agreements

    Legal migration consultancy in legal audits

    Solutions to legal migration consultations


    For a consultation or a quote contact us by WhatsApp: +54911-41620021 and/or +1(925)791-8555 or by email:




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