Employment Opportunity for Inheritance Attorneys in Argentina

Employment Opportunity at LIMERES for International Inheritance Attorneys in Argentina




Our team of Attorneys has been the leading law firm in Argentina for international inheritances founded in 2004. Its founder (Sebastian Limeres) is a U.S. citizen born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He has worked in California as a Registered Foreign Legal Consultant, and as a Lawyer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as in five other jurisdictions: Cordoba, Mendoza, Santa Fe, San Juan, and La Plata in the Greater Province of Buenos Aires. He also holds a Foreign Legal Consultant license with the State Bar of Florida and California and holds a Real Estate Broker license in California, and a Mortgage Loan Originator license with NMLS in California.

    The firm focuses on Wealth Management, Intestate Estates and Succession Planning, Probates in Argentina, and Inheritances in general all throughout the world as long as the case is international or multilateral. The founding partner is also the founder of the World’s 1st network and platform of inheritance lawyers which operates in more than 170 countries on all continents. For more information visit InheritEstate.com. Our founder also founded Inherit.com.

    Inherit resolves the inheritance industry’s two most crucial pains:

    1. Post-Life Security reduces bad actor fraud.
    2. Inheritance Insurance which is twofold: [A]. If it’s true that “not every testator has money to leave on to its heirs and beneficiaries” because inheritances are only for wealthy people, Inherit democratizes inheriting with small life insurance policies of up to USD99,000 with premiums as low as USD18. Most heirs don’t have the economic resources to accept an inheritance because “inheriting is not exactly free money”, it is a business where all heirs and beneficiaries must invest time, energy, and money to recover more money, a fortune, and in some cases nothing. [B.] With larger amount life insurance policies, testators who have nothing to pass on to their heirs can leave up to USD2M by simply paying a premium of up to USD400.


    Hence, with small life insurance policies Inherit helps heirs pay for all the costs, fees, and expenses of an inheritance; and with larger amount policies inherit incentivizes inheriting by just paying a monthly premium for a life insurance policy starting at US$200 that allows its beneficiaries to inherit up-to USD2M immediately upon the passing of the testator.

    Employment Opportunity at LIMERES for International Inheritance Attorneys in Argentina


    On this occasion, our Law Firm seeks two (2) fully bilingual lawyers in Argentina. They will assist with a portfolio of hundreds of inheritance cases. They involve foreigners and non-Argentine residents who have inherited property and assets in Argentina.

    Argentina Inheritance Succession Probate Lawyer Attorney
    Argentina Inheritance Succession Probate Lawyer Attorney

    The ideal candidates will be hired immediately and must possess the following conditions to be considered:


    1. Possess a law degree from an Argentine university.
    2. Have an active license and be in good standing in at least one Argentinian bar for a minimum of 18 months.
    3. Have proven experience -which will be verified- processing inheritances throughout any jurisdiction within the Argentine court system.
    4. Fully bilingual in both Spanish and English.
    5. Applicants must provide two professional references and obtain a certificate in good standing from their Argentine attorney’s bar.
    6. Must have a valid and unexpired passport and a driver’s license; Applicants will need to drive while traveling internationally.
    7. It will be ideal if the applicant had a valid VISA to enter the United States of America. These positions will require visiting the USA on a frequent basis to meet with clients. Also, they will attend quarterly meetings at our office in the California Bay Area. Specifically, in Contra Costa County (Danville, CA) USA. Our HQ offices are located at Edificio Puerta Norte 2, Calle del Caminante 30, Piso 4 Of. 419, Nordelta-Tigre, 1670, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    Compensation: Salary will be in USD plus bonuses per cases closed and funded.


    Candidates will be required to work 40 hours a week. They will receive compensation for any overtime during weekends and holidays. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


    For more information visit Limeres.com. Additionally, candidates can send their resume through our contact form at Limeres.com or as a pdf to the following email: HR@limeres.com