Argentinian Attestations, Certifications & Legalizations

Argentinian Attestations, Certifications & Legalizations


Argentine Notary – Escribano. Notarial Services in Argentina


A Notary Public in the USA and an Argentine Escribano are similar in many of the functions they proffer, but they are also very different in many ways. Below you will find their major similarities and differences:

    If we had to establish similarities between a US Notary Public and Argentinian Escribanos, an Argentinian Escribano is more like a US title company as they offer title insurance and escrow services, but they are also similar to a US notary public in that they can attest and certify the validity of a signature and make a document become legal and enforceable.

    Another huge difference is that while US notary publics are not liable for the content of what’s being signed -but for verifying who signs is who they say they are- , escribanos in Argentina are completely liable not only for the validity of authenticating who signs, but also for the entirety of the content of the document signed.

    Argentinian Attestations, Certifications & Legalizations
    Argentinian Attestations, Certifications & Legalizations

    Notarial Services in Argentina


    Escribanos in Argentina have gone to law school and upon receiving their Juris Doctor degree in law they must sit for the Escribano exam. Once they pass this exam, they must wait to inherit an escribano license from an escribano. Either because the professional is retired or has passed away.


    Argentine Escribanos can only sign within the territory for which they are licensed. Notary Publics have also the same limitation but now some states allow online notarizations.


    If you are in need of either an Argentine escribano,  LIMERES can refer an Argentine bilingual Escribano. These are the provinces in Argentina where we can assist you: Buenos Aires Greater Province, The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Cordoba, Santa Cruz and Chubut in Patagonia, Jujuy, Salta Misiones, La Rioja, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego, San Luis, San Juan, Río Negro, and Neuquen.


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