Argentine General Practice Lawyer in Buenos Aires

Argentine General Practice Lawyer in Buenos Aires

General examples of services that an Argentine lawyer may be able to offer to a foreign client living abroad, subject to local legal regulations:

  1. Assist with visa applications and immigration matters.
  2. Provide legal advice on business formation and structuring, including partnerships and corporations.
  3. Conduct legal research and provide opinions on Argentine laws and regulations.
  4. Draft and review contracts and agreements related to business, real estate, and other transactions.
  5. Provide legal representation in commercial and civil litigation matters, including arbitration and mediation.
  6. Assist with the purchase, sale, and lease of real estate property in Argentina.
  7. Assist with intellectual property matters, such as trademark registration and protection.
  8. Provide guidance on tax laws and regulations, including tax planning and compliance.
  9. Provide legal representation in criminal matters, such as fraud or theft charges.

    • Assist with estate planning and probate matters, including drafting wills and trusts.
    • Assist with family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, and adoption.
    • Provide guidance on labor and employment laws and regulations.
    • Assist with international trade matters, including import/export regulations and customs clearance.
    • Provide legal representation in administrative law matters, such as licensing and permit applications.
    • Assist with banking and finance matters, such as loan agreements and debt recovery.
    • Provide legal advice on environmental laws and regulations.
    • Assist with energy and natural resources projects, including mining and oil and gas exploration.
    • Provide guidance on corporate compliance and regulatory matters.
    • Assist with cross-border transactions and international law matters.
    • Provide legal advice on regulatory matters related to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.
    Argentine General Practice Lawyer in Buenos Aires
    Argentine General Practice Lawyer in Buenos Aires
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