Escrow and Title Companies for Real Estate and Agricultural Farmland in Argentina

Escrow and Title Companies for Real Estate

and Agricultural Farmland in Argentina

Argentina Title Companies


Many people will contact our law firm asking why they are not being able to find an Argentine Title Company online or in Buenos Aires, or why are the biggest US title companies not operating in Argentina? There is a simple answer and it’s that the title companies in Argentina do not exist, simply because the equivalent is a simple “Escribano”. Now, the next question is what exactly is an Escribano?

    An escribano is an individual who went to law school in Argentina and graduated as an “abogado.” Upon graduation as Juris Doctors, they must next pass the Escribano’s bar. This examination will allow them to practice as a “Notarial Officer of the Argentine Government as fiduciaries.” Once this happens the escribano will inherit a license from a previous escribano in order to practice, as there aren’t unlimited licenses. Unlicensed Escribanos can practice as “Adscriptos” only under the supervision of a licensed Escribano. Every Escribano license is only valid within the jurisdiction for which they are licensed to practice. Escribanos inherit licenses from older escribanos who pass away or retire from the profession.

    Argentina Title Companies
    Argentina Title Companies

    Argentina Title Companies


    Escribanos guarantee the same as title companies do in the United States of America. Mainly, that real property and/or farmland are free and clear when being sold from a seller to a buyer. Argentine Escribanos guarantee that the title is free and clear for 30 years back from the day they investigated the chain of a title of real property.
    Argentine Escribanos do not formally offer title insurance as escrow and title companies do. However, they are professionally liable and are responsible from a civil and criminal perspective for the title they offer which they investigated. Escribanos in Argentina are liable economically speaking with all their personal assets.

    If in need of an Escribano in any jurisdiction within Argentine territory contact You can also call +(54911) 4162-0021. We can refer you to escribanos anywhere in Argentina.



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