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Sebastian Limeres was born in Manhattan, New York. He has spent half of his life living and working between California and New York, while living in the United States of America, and in the Cities of Buenos Aires and the Greater Province of Buenos Aires while living in Argentina. He is a holder of a US and a Spaniard passport from the European Union, and holds a DNI from Argentina since he became an Argentine permanent resident. He is constantly travelling back and forth from California to Buenos Aires, which is where most of his business takes place.

Sebastian Limeres is licensed to practice Argentine law in the following jurisdictions: Buenos Aires District Capital -CPACF-; the Province of San Juan in Argentina -FASJ-, La Plata -CALP- which is the Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina; the Province of Mendoza in Argentina -COLABOGMZA-; the Province of Cordoba in Argentina -CAC-; the Province of Santa Fe in Argentina, and with The State Bar of California, USA -SBC- and The State Bar of Florida -Only- as an Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant.

In addition, Sebastian Limeres is the legal author of several articles and legal papers about: “Inheritances in Argentina: Argentinian and International Overseas Probate-Estates; Successions involving Heirs living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Abroad; Intestacy in Argentina; Inheriting Argentinian Assets and Real Property through Trusts, Wills and Testaments Overseas; Estate Planning for Argentine Heirs; Purchase and Sale of Agricultural Farmland and Real Estate in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe and Mendoza in Argentina and Argentinian Inheritances.”


  • Argentine International Estate Planning and Inheritance Law
  • Family Office & Wealth Management;
  • Intestate Successions -Intestacy- and Probate Law in Argentina (Argentina & USA Heirs);
  • Testamentary and Non-Testamentary Estates, Probate and Inheritance Litigation in Argentina;
  • International Business, Corporate Bank Account Opening and Company Formations in Argentina;
  • International Assets & Debt Recovery;
  • International Legal Collections;
  • Argentinian Real Estate Law, Argentine Farm Investing & Agricultural Business;
  • Buy/Purchase and Sell/Sale of Agricultural Farmland;
  • Argentinian matters, cases and laws involving California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, USA;
  • International Argentine Arbitration and Mediation Cases.


CPACF – Colegio Publico de Abogados Capital Federal – Buenos Aires Capital Federal Attorney-Lawyer Bar Association in Argentina: Verify License – Tomo 82 folio 930

CALP – Colegio Abogados La Plata – La Plata Lawyer’s Provincial Bar Association in Argentina. Verify License 49 – 366

FASJ – Foro Abogados San Juan – San Juan Attorney Provincial Bar Association in Argentina. Verify License – #4049

Colegio de Abogados y Procuradores de la Primera Circunscripción de Mendoza – Mendoza Attorneys Provincial Bar Association in Argentina. Verify License – 9178-A

Colegio de Abogados de la Provincia de Cordoba en Argentina – Cordoba Lawyer’s Provincial Bar Association in Argentina. Verify License:  1-38901

Buenos Aires University Law School. Attorney – Juris Doctor Degree & Law Bachelor (LLB) UBA

In the United States of America: * The State Bar of California: Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant in California #1075: (Not licensed to practice U.S. law as an attorney in CA & FL in the United States of America)

* The State Bar of Florida: Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant in Florida.
* CA DRE – Licensed Broker #01444998

*CA NMLS – Mortgage Loan Originator: #1850925

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