Argentinian Successions & International Inheritances

Many Argentine Successions which are testamentary or Intestate probates can also involve foreign heirs residing abroad or living overseas. This means the inheritance will be international or multijurisdictional in nature. When this happens, the only legal representation that is recommended to be retained should be a team of lawyers who are either licensed in both jurisdictions or have vast experience in processing an international estate that will involve two or more countries, court systems, tax agencies as well as demanding documents in other languages with several formal requirements in order to be accepted as valid in Argentina’s court system. LIMERES has lawyers licensed in USA and Argentina who have the qualifications to deal with these types of legal cases. All of the lawyers at LIMERES are bilingual and even multilingual, and are licensed in many jurisdictions within Argentina and the United States of America. Our law firm only specializes mostly in International Inheritance cases and almost the majority of our clients are native English speakers. The other two areas that our law firm covers the most are International Business and Company Formations as well as representing in the sale, lease and purchase or Farmland, Agricultural/Rural Farmland, Livestock and Real Estate in general.

If you inherited real estate, farmland or assets in Argentina, our law firm can assist in 5 easy steps:

1. Contact our Inheritance lawyers for a free initial consultation so that we can walk you through the entire probate process in just one phone call.

2. Gather all the necessary documents to send to Argentina [both by email and DHL/Fedex].

3. Upon receiving your documents we can file your probate anywhere in Argentina.

4. Between 3 to 5 months the probate process is completed and all heirs can either sell the proceeds of the probated estate, or they can keep everything putting it under their legal names or under a corporation.

5. If there are funds or real estate is sold our law firm can repatriate those funds back to the USA or anywhere in the world per the heirs’ written instructions. 

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