Venezuela Birth Marriage Divorce and Death Certificates

Venezuela: Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates

There are several and quite varied circumstances in everyday life that require submitting vital records, such as a birth record, a marriage deed, a divorce decree, or a death certificate. These official records may be necessary to claim an inheritance, to adopt a child, to apply for a passport or a visa, to obtain a bank loan, a life insurance policy, or even for tax or work purposes.

Venezuela Birth Death Certificates Records
Venezuela Birth Death Certificates Records

In Venezuela, the National Civil Registry is the government office in charge of issuing this type of personal certificates. In order to obtain these documents, the applicant can request it at said office by providing the following data: the individual’s full name, ID number, gender, parish, exact date and place of issuance, record number and folio. If any of the above-mentioned items is missing or is not accurate, it can be obtained at the Servicio Administrativo de Identificación, Migración y Extranjería (SAIME) [Administrative Service of Identification, Migration, and Foreigners], which is located in Caracas.

Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates

Obtaining these official records may turn out to be a wearisome procedure if you live abroad, or if you do not speak Spanish fluently, especially if time is of the essence. These are sufficient reasons to look for expert help right away… and our team of attorneys is your best option in Venezuela. As a team of renowned international legal consultants, our attorneys have earned a proven record of success over the last two decades by providing a broad scope of legal services. 

Local Presence

Local presence has become an unmatched trademark for this unique law firm. This factor has expedited even the most complicated and bureaucratic process, and it has yielded outstanding results as an expected consequence. Just take a look at the provinces, towns, cities, and districts where we have provided legal services in Venezuela for our clients living abroad:

Acarigua, Achaguas, Altagracia de Orituco, Amazonas, Anaco, Anzoátegui, Apure, Aragua, Aragua de Barcelona, Aragua de Maturín, Araure, Araya, Arichuna, Arismendi, Bailadores,

Legal Jurisdictions

Barbacoas, Barcelona, Barinas, Barquisimeto, Bejuma, Biruaca, Boconó, Bolívar, Bruzual, Cabimas, Cabudare, Cagua, Caicara del Orinoco, Caigua, Calabozo, Camatagua, Cantaura, Capital District,

Carabobo, Caracas (federal capital), Caripe, Caripito, Carora, Carúpano, Casanay, Catia La Mar, Chaguaramas, Charallave, Chivacoa, Ciudad Bolívar, Ciudad Guayana, Ciudad Ojeda,

Ciudad Sucre, Clarines, Cojedes, Colón, Colonia Tovar, Coro, Cúa, Cumaná, Cúpira, Curiapo, Dabajuro, Delta Amacuro, Ejido, El Amparo, El Callao, El Chaparro, El Consejo, El Dorado, El Limón,

El Pao, El Paují, El Socorro, El Tigre, El Tocuyo, El Vigía, Elorza, Falcón, Guacara, Guachara, Guama, Guanare, Guanta, Guarenas, Guárico, Guasdualito, Guasipati, Guatire, Guayabal, Güigüe, Higuerote, Iboriwo, Isla Ratón, Juan Griego, Kavanayén, La Asunción, La Esmeralda, La Fría, La Grita, La Guaira, La Quebrada, La Victoria, La Villa del Rosario, Lara, Lechería, Los Guayos, Los Roques, Los Teques, Machiques, Maiquetia, Mamporal, Mantecal, Mapire, Maracaibo, Maracay, Mariara, Marigüitar, Maripa, Maroa, Maturín, Mérida, Miranda, Michelena, Miranda, Monagas, Monte Carmelo, Morón, Mucuchíes, Naguanagua, Nirgua, Nueva Esparta, Ocumare de la Costa, Ocumare del Tuy, Onoto, Ortiz, Ospino, Palmira, Palo Negro, Pampatar, Paraitepuy de Roraima, Pariguán, Pedernales, Petare, Porlamar, Portuguesa, Pregonero, Puerto Ayacucho, Puerto Cabello, Puerto La Cruz, Puerto Páez, Puerto Píritu, Punta de Mata, Punto Fijo, Queniquea, Quíbor, Río Caribe, 

In addition to being present throughout Venezuela, you will immediately find a qualified attorney available to take your call. Our team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, all year long, for your best convenience.

Our Team of Attorneys

Another key factor is our top-notch team of experts and specialists, who can obtain vital records in record time, being able to tackle any administrative obstacle or unnecessary delay.

For instance, these include document facilitators, multilingual translators, government consultants, and certified accountants. In addition, courier service, database analysts, expat tax services, notaries public. But also, paralegals, researchers, and customs agents, among others.

In fact, they also receive constant training in vital information. For example,  national holidays, business hours of the different government offices. Also, they keep up to date regarding the minimum requirements to fill out the corresponding forms. Moreover, they always try to obtain said forms online in advance.

Last, they find out about the processing time in order to schedule an appointment to submit said documents. In addition, they will inform you about the cost and/or currency (if applicable). In general, there are other special requirements, such as certification or notarization of documents, etc.


Our Services

Below you can see a list of other legal procedures we have handled for our overseas clients:

acknowledgement of maternity/paternity – action in personam – action in rem – ademption of legacy –

administration of an estate – adoption – affidavit – affidavit of non-paternity –

alimony – apostille – background and criminal record – baptismal certificate – birth certificate – birth entry – birth record – certificate of live birth

in-extensa birth certificate – inheritance – insurance policies – legalization – legal services – religious marriage – record – marriage by proxy – marriage certificate – Common Law marriage –

marriage license – marriage verification – negative certification of death – negative certification of marriage record – nullity of marriage – overseas adoption – originator – passport –

power of appointment – power of attorney – putative marriage – marriage settlement – registrar – security agreement – spreader agreement –

sworn statement – surviving spouse’s usufructuary portion – void marriage – unabridged certificate – vital records – vital statistics

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First, choose your preferred contact method (by phone, email, or web form). Then, let us take all your matters in our hands. Actually, at our law firm, you can expect fast and reliable results. In addition, we will provide you with a daily follow-up regarding the progress of your case. We take pride in our service of excellence!

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