Successions in Italy: Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

Successions in Italy: Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees


Our law firm specializes in successions in Italy. More than two decades of continuous professional practice handling successions in Italy support our reliable legal assistance in Italy. In addition, our law firm offers case-based fees since succession proceedings in Italy vary in magnitude and complexity. Nevertheless, there are some ground legal rules that rule over any type of successions in Italy. Below there is a thorough and in-depth explanation of some key concepts of the legal framework in force in Italy.

To begin with, last wills, joint wills, and agreements on succession are some of the most common legal instruments. However, a last will is necessary for the dispositions of property since the Italian legal system does not allow joint wills and agreements. On the other hand, a testator would resort to testamentary dispositions regarding his/her estate (or even a portion thereof). By designating an heir, there is no need to specify what assets are subject to that disposition. The second alternative is a legacy. In this case, the testator may dispose of one or more assets, as long as they are identified in detail.

Successions in Italy

Successions in Italy

Our Legal Services

Actually, several other legal procedures are closely related to successions in Italy. In fact, some successions proceedings require completing some of those procedures, which –in turn- have their own specific formalities. Consequently, our team of attorneys is fully prepared to carry out a wide range of legal services. For example, the following list includes some of them:


written consent, witness’ declaration made under oath, draft a will in the presence of witnesses, will drawn up without the consent of the spouse, voluntary reduction, valid will, use property in the succession, unknown property, unilateral legal act, undersigned witnesses, tutor, time limit, testator’s wish, testamentary clause, testator / testatrix, testamentary succession, surviving spouse, support payment, support creditors, sound of mind, settle the succession, separation as to property, sell perishables, secondary residence, second spouse, search for a will, savings bonds, safety deposit box, revocable will, revocable clause,

Attorneys for Successions in Italy

probate a will, renounce one’s right to inherit, renounce all or part of the family patrimony, remarry, relationship based on marriage, register of wills, publication of the notice of inventory, provide for the remuneration, provide for a substitute, pro-rata reduction, property to be devolved, privileged ascendants, portion of the deceased person’s inheritance, personal property, pension plan benefits, payment proposal, pay the debts, partition of the property, opening of the succession, notice of closure of inventory, Notary Public Association, notarial will, net valuable, movable property, most closely related to the deceased person, misappropriate property for one’s benefit, minor child, matrimonial regime, marriage contract, make an inventory, liquidation of the succession,


liquidation of family patrimony, liquidator, life insurance, legal relationship between the spouses, legal heirs, legal adviser, legal act, legacies made to an owner, legacies made to an employee, last will and testament, Land Register, judicial district, irrevocable heir quality, irrevocable clause, inventory of the property, in good faith, immovable property, illegal acts, hypothecary creditors, holograph will, hierarchy of successors, heirs are liable for succession’s debts, heirs / legatees, guarantee the validity, give, devise, and bequeath one’s property, funeral expenses, free from constraint, formalities, formal consent, financial contribution, family residence, failure to fulfill one’s obligations, executor / executrix, establish the right to inherit, draw up a will, draw up a statement of the debts, donate organs, dispose of the body, direct line of descent

Successions in Italy: Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

die without a will (ab intestate), derogation of the rules, degree of relationship with the deceased person, de facto spouses, declaration made under oath, deceased person’s in-laws, deceased person’s instructions, deceased person’s blood relatives, deceased person’s relatives by adoption, debts / mortgages, death entry, date the will, cremation, course of the legal proceedings, correct the inventory, content of the will, consent of the spouse, conceal property, compensatory allowance, collateral, community of property, codicil, closeness of degree of relationship, close relative, cancel acceptance of inheritance, burial, borne by the succession, beneficiary, bad faith, attest to the authenticity of the signature, ascendants, applicant, appearance of a creditor, affidavit, adviser, administer the succession, act inter vivos, acts contrary to public order, act as a liquidator of the succession, universal successor, widow / widower, will contest

Our Own Notaries Public

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we work with our own in-house notaries public, which guarantees a high level of confidentiality. Indeed, since they are duly licensed throughout Italy, they are capable of performing very specific legal tasks. Even though it is not necessary to register testamentary dispositions, a notary should draft a public will by means of a notarial deed. Upon the death of the testator, the notary should transfer the will from the local Register of Last Wills and Testaments to the Register of Transactions Inter Vivos. Afterward, the notary should register the certificate of transfer.


Whereas a testator may draft a holographic will in private, a notary should guarantee its validity through a record of publication. Subsequently, and after the death of the testator, the notary also needs to register said will.

Restrictions on Dispositions

Moreover, as regards restrictions to dispose of property, the testator is fully capable of disposing of his/her entire estate. For example, a reserved share –or reserved portion- is a minimum share of the estate held in reserve for the descendants. That is, mainly the surviving spouse, the testator’s children, and their descendants. However, if there are no children, the testators’ parents are also entitled to the reserved share. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a will may still be fully enforceable even if it does not comply with this rule. Nevertheless, the rightful heirs have solid grounds to contest the validity of said will.

Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

To sum up, below you can see some of the legal jurisdictions where we provide legal assistance in Italy:


Abano Terme, Abbadia Cerreto, Abbadia Lariana, Abbadia San Salvatore, Abbasanta, Abbateggio, Abbiategrasso, Abetone Cutigliano, Abriola, Abruzzo, Acate, Accadia, Acceglio, Accettura,

Acciano, Accumoli, Acerenza, Acerno, Acerra, Aci Bonaccorsi, Aci Castello, Aci Catena, Aci Sant’Antonio, Acireale, Acquafondata, Acquaformosa, Acquafredda, Acqualagna, Acquanegra Cremonese,

Acquanegra sul Chiese, Acquapendente, Acquappesa, Acquarica del Capo, Acquaro, Acquasanta Terme, Acquasparta, Acquaviva Collecroce, Acquaviva delle Fonti, Acquaviva d’Isernia,

Acquaviva Picena, Acquaviva Platani, Acquedolci, Acqui Terme, Acri, Acuto, Adelfia, Adrano, Adrara San Martino, Adrara San Rocco, Adria, Adro, Affi, Affile, Afragola, Africo, Agazzano, Agerola,

Successions in Italy: Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

Aggius, Agira, Agliana, Agliano Terme, Agliè, Aglientu, Agna, Agnadello, Agnana Calabra, Agnone, Agnosine, Agordo, Agosta, Agra, Agrate Brianza, Agrate Conturbia, Agrigento, Agropoli,

Agugliano, Agugliaro, Aicurzio, Aidomaggiore, Aidone, Aielli, Aiello Calabro, Aiello del Friuli, Aiello del Sabato, Aieta, Ailano, Ailoche, Airasca, Airola, Airole, Airuno, Aisone, Ala, Alà dei Sardi,

Ala di Stura, Alagna, Alagna Valsesia, Alanno, Alano di Piave, Alassio, Alatri, Alba, Alba Adriatica, Albagiara, Albairate, Albanella, Albano di Lucania, Albano Laziale, Albano Sant’Alessandro,

Albano Vercellese, Albaredo Arnaboldi, Albaredo d’Adige, Albaredo per San Marco, Albareto, Albaretto della Torre, Albavilla, Albenga, Albera Ligure, Alberobello, Alberona, Albese con Cassano,

Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

Albettone, Albi, Albiano, Albiano d’Ivrea, Albiate, Albidona, Albignasego, Albinea, Albino, Albiolo, Albisola Superiore, Albissola Marina, Albizzate, Albonese, Albosaggia, Albugnano, Albuzzano,

Alcamo, Alcara Li Fusi, Aldeno, Aldino, Ales, Alessandria, Alessandria del Carretto, Alessandria della Rocca, Alessano,

Alezio, Alfano, Alfedena, Alfianello, Alfiano Natta, Alfonsine, Alghero,

Algua, Alì, Alì Terme, Alia, Aliano, Alice Bel Colle, Alice Castello, Alife, Alimena, Aliminusa, Allai, Alleghe, Allein, Allerona,

Alliste, Allumiere, Alluvioni Piovera, Almè, Almenno San Bartolomeo,

Successions in Italy: Reliable Legal Assistance and Case-Based Fees

Almenno San Salvatore, Almese, Alonte, Alpette, Alpignano, Alseno, Alserio, Alta Val Tidone, Alta Valle Intelvi, Altamura, Altare, Altavalle, Altavilla Irpina, Altavilla Milicia, Altavilla Monferrato,

Altavilla Silentina, Altavilla Vicentina, Altidona, Altilia, Altino, Altissimo, Altivole, Alto, Alto Reno Terme, Alto Sermenza, Altofonte, Altomonte, Altopascio, Alviano, Alvignano

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