Successions and Art Collections in Argentina: A Detailed Overview and Applicable Regulations

Successions Involving Art Collections in Argentina


To begin with, successions involving art collections in Argentina require expert advice. Throughout the history of humankind, Art has always been (and most likely continue to be) a very complex category. In addition, it lacks consensus as regards its own definition. Moreover, one undeniable aspect is that passion is a vital and inherent component of any work of art. For example, from the artist who creates it, up to the audience who enjoys it… Also, it is this same passion that drives people to collect pieces of art.

As a matter of fact, our law firm specializes in successions involving art collections. To a certain extent, there are certain applicable regulations that directly affect art collections. And eventually, this requires a deep and updated knowledge on this subject. Due to our legal expertise, we can provide a series of benefits to the appointed heirs.

Indeed, it would be an almost impossible task to try to list the different kinds of art collections that may be inherited. For instance, from antiques, paintings, coins and stamps, classic cars, musical instruments, etc.

Unlike any other assets that can be considered just like an investment, an art collection very often involves a sentimental value. Consequently, it is quite challenging to determine in terms of financial worth. Moreover, it can be the subject of controversy among the appointed heirs.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Regardless of the legal proceedings involving an art collection -namely a succession, estate planning, or probate-, legal expertise is not enough to properly handle such a multifaceted matter. Consequently, a comprehensive approach is mandatory in order to provide the best cost-effective solution. Moreover, this is the key factor that sets us apart from the rest of any other regular law firm.

Successions and Art Collections

Successions and Art Collections

A Team of Experts and Specialists

Thus, our team of top-notch professionals is constantly supported by a wide range of experts and specialists in the industry of fine art collectibles. In fact, our consultants include art insurance experts, estate planners, art tax advisors, fine art auctioneers, and art consultants. But there are also former dealers, and museum representatives, appraisers, curators, provenance researchers, art preservation specialists, etc.

Most importantly, the aim of this innovative method is to help our clients avoid the loss or damage of the art collection. In addition, we can prevent unnecessary taxation, as well as claims from creditors.


Our Services

In addition to this special field of expertise within successions, we also offer a wide range of legal services.

abatement / ademption of legacies, administration expenses, administrator with the will annexed, ancestor,

apparent heir, appoint / constitute an executor, appraisals,

attestation of witnesses, capacity, causa mortis, claimant of the estate, clause of accrue, closed testament,

co-executor, co-heir, commingle funds, commingling of property, commorients,

construction proceeding, contingent devise, database analysis, death taxes, devisee, devisor, die intestate, disinherit,

disinheriting children, domestic / foreign / public administrator,

donatio intervivos, donation, elective share of an estate, escheat, escheated property, estate planning,

foreign deed location, fraudulent alienation, genealogists, general devise, hereditaments,

homestead, hotchpot, implied revocation, in contemplation of death, inchoate dower,

inheritance search / locator, inheritance taxes, international archives access, intestacy succession,

invalidity / extinguishment of legacies / devises, joint heir, lapsing of gifts, lineal descendant, mediation, military testament,

modify, revoke, or replace a will, mutual testament, next devisee,

notarize the execution, oppose the probate, payment of claims, presumptive heir, pretermitted heir,

probate administration, probate proceedings, real estate litigation, register of wills,

repatriation of real estate, secret testament, spouse’s right to wave their share, subscribing witnesses,

succession, successor in interest,

tax return, testamentary guardian, transfer of ownership, unborn beneficiaries, unclaimed bank accounts,

universal successor, widow / widower, will contest

A Wide Geographical Scope

In order to provide prompt legal assistance, we are present throughout Argentina. For instance, the following list includes all the provinces, cities, and towns where we operate:

San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires, San Rafael, Mendoza, Rafael Castillo, Trelew, Chubut, Santa Rosa, La Pampa,

Tandil, Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Puerto Madryn, Morón, Virrey del Pino,

Caseros, San Carlos de Bariloche, Maipú, Zárate, Burzaco, Pergamino, Grand Bourg, Monte Chingolo, Olavarría,

Rawson, San Juan, Rafaela, Santa Fe, Junín, Remedios de Escalada, La Tablada,

Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Campana, Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Rivadavia, San Juan, Florida, Villa Madero,

Olivos, Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos, Villa Gobernador Gálvez,

Villa Luzuriaga, Boulogne Sur Mer, Chimbas, Ciudadela, Luján de Cuyo, Ezpeleta, Villa María, General Roca, San Fernando,

Ciudad Evita, Venado Tuerto, Bella Vista, Luján,

San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, Salta, Cipolletti, Goya, Corrientes, Reconquista, Wilde, Martínez, Necochea, Don Torcuato,

Banda del Río Salí, Tucumán, Concepción del Uruguay, General Rodríguez,

Villa Tesei, Ciudad Jardín El Libertador, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Sarandí, Villa Elvira, Villa Domínico, Beccar,

San Francisco, Glew, Punta Alta, El Palomar, Rafael Calzada, Tartagal,

San Pedro de Jujuy, Belén de Escobar, Mariano Acosta, San Francisco Solano, Los Polvorines, Azul, Chivilcoy,

Lomas del Mirador, Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Guernica, General Pico,

Mercedes, Bosques, Oberá, Misiones, Barranqueras, Yerba Buena, Villa Centenario, San Martín, Gobernador Julio A. Costa,

William Morris, El Jagüel, Villa Mariano Moreno, Eldorado, Longchamps,

Clorinda, Formosa, Viedma, Concepción, Tres Arroyos, Ushuaia, San Isidro, Palpala, La Plata, Mar del Plata,

Catamarca, Resistencia, La Rioja, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santiago del Estero, Antártida


To sum up, we are available 24 hours a day, all year long. Also, let us answer your questions in order to offer you a state of the art solution!

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