Succession in Spain: Expert Legal Consultants and Cost-Effective Solutions

Succession in Spain: Expert Legal Consultants and Cost-Effective Solutions


Throughout history, the law has been the reflection of life events. Therefore, the death of a person has direct legal consequences, and succession is one of them. As a matter of fact, our law firm specializes mainly in succession in Spain. Our expert legal consultants offer cost-effective solutions regardless of the magnitude and complexity of the procedure. Mainly, because we have more than 20 years of experience and a proven record of success regarding successions in Spain. In addition, our expert legal consultants hold impeccable credentials and the necessary professional license to handle successions in Spain.


Successions in Spain

Successions in Spain


Succession in Spain: Expert Legal Consultants and Cost-Effective Solutions

Above all, we strive to provide a service of quality, but we also offer a clear overview from the beginning. Particularly, because we understand that very often legal terminology can be very confusing and overwhelming. This is mainly due to the fact that legal language is very specific and technical. Indeed, specialized languages are used for specialized communication between people with similar knowledge and professional roles. However, the use of a language restricted to one group of people also reinforces the coherence of that social group. In turn, it sets apart that group from the rest of society. In the case of legal language, it also has the function of restricting the access of other members of the community to that part of reality.


Thus, it is always helpful to clarify some key concepts to our clients. For instance, the definition of succession by Black´s Law Dictionary (Black, 1990: 1445) states the following: “The acquisition of rights or property by inheritance under the laws of descent – the passing of intestate real property to heirs – and distribution – at common law, the passing of personal property to an intestate decedent´s heirs and by will.” Having a deep understanding of what a succession may involve is essential to better prepare our clients for this process.

In addition to handling successions in Spain, our team of qualified attorneys performs a wide range of legal services. The following list includes some of them:

Our Services

filiation, filiation of the adopted child, filiation set aside by the court, foreign deed location, fraudulent alienation, genealogists, general devise, hereditaments, homestead, hotchpot, implied revocation, in contemplation of death, inchoate dower, inheritance search / locator, international archives access, invalidity / extinguishment of legacies / devises, joint heir, lapsing of gifts, lineal descendant, mediation, military testament, modify, revoke, or replace a will, mutual testament, next devisee, notarize the execution, oppose the probate, payment of claims, presumptive heir, pretermitted heir, probate proceedings, real estate litigation, register of wills, repatriation of real estate, secret testament, spouse’s right to wave their share, subscribing witnesses, succession, successor in interest, tax return, testamentary guardian, transfer of ownership, unborn beneficiaries, unclaimed bank accounts,

Succession in Spain: Expert Legal Consultants and Cost-Effective Solutions

universal successor, widow / widower, will contest, for a contribution, grant rights and obligations, in proportion to their means, interest of the child, cohabit, major age, major age and emancipated, married parents, original filiation, presumption of paternity, proof of filiation, enter filiation, relationship established by adoption decree, relationship established by blood, relationship established by law, remain under parental authority, rights and duties with respect to custody, rights and duties with respect to supervision, rights to inherit, summary investigation, surname inviting ridicule, transmission of information, uninterrupted possession of status, voluntary acknowledgment, voluntary recognition

Succession in Spain: Expert Legal Consultants and Cost-Effective Solutions

Along with our proven experience regarding successions in Spain, our team of attorneys relies on the expertise of several professionals. Not only are they experts in their field of practice, but also they have different professional and academic backgrounds. Namely, they are business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, former IRS agents, courier service, and expat tax services. Moreover, we work with database analysts, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, investment planners, life insurance experts, translators, and notaries public as well.


In conclusion, our law firm provides accurate and reliable legal services regarding successions in Spain. But most importantly, we cover an extensive geographical scope through our network of attorneys. Below you can see some of the jurisdictions where we provide legal assistance in Spain:


An Extensive Network of Local Attorneys

A Arnoia, A Baña, A Bola, A Cañiza, A Capela, A Coruña, A Estrada, A Fonsagrada, A Guarda, A Gudiña, A Illa de Arousa, A Lama, A Laracha, A Merca, A Mezquita, A Pastoriza, A Peroxa, A Pobra de Trives, A Pobra do Brollón, A Pobra do Caramiñal, A Pontenova, A Rúa, A Teixeira, A Veiga, Ababuj, Abades, Abadía, Abadín, Abadiño, Abáigar, Abajas, Ábalos, Abaltzisketa, Abánades, Abanilla, Abanto, Abarán, Abarca de Campos, Abárzuza, Abegondo, Abejar, Abejuela, Abella de la Conca, Abengibre, Abenójar, Aberin, Abertura, Abezames, Abia de la Obispalía, Abia de las Torres, Abiego, Abizanda, Abla, Ablanque, Ablitas, Abrera, Abrucena, Abusejo, Acebedo, Acedera, Acehúche, Aceituna,

Reliable and Precise Service

Acered, Aceuchal, Adahuesca, Adalia, Adamuz, Adanero, Adeje, Ademuz, Adiós, Adobes, Ador, Adra, Adrada de Haza, Adrada de Pirón, Adradas, Adrados, Adsubia, Aduna, Agaete, Agallas, Àger, Agolada, Agón, Agoncillo, Agost, Agramunt, Ágreda, Agres, Agrón, Aguadulce, Aguarón, Aguas Cándidas, Aguasal, Aguatón, Aguaviva, Agudo, Agüero, Aguilafuente, Aguilar de Bureba, Aguilar de Campoo, Aguilar de Campos, Aguilar de Codés, Aguilar de la Frontera, Aguilar de Segarra, Aguilar del Alfambra, Aguilar del Río Alhama, Águilas, Aguilón, Agüimes, Agullana, Agullent, Agulo, Ahigal, Ahigal de los Aceiteros, Ahigal de Villarino, Ahillones, Aia, Aielo de Malferit, Aielo de Rugat, Aiguafreda, Aiguamúrcia, Aiguaviva, Aigües, Aín, Aínsa-Sobrarbe, Ainzón, Aisa, Aitona, Aizarnazabal, Ajalvir, Ajamil de Cameros, Ajangiz, Ajofrín, Alacón, Aladrén, Alaejos, Alagón, Alagón del Río, Alaior, Alájar, Alajeró, Alameda, Alameda de la Sagra, Alameda del Valle, Alamedilla, Alamillo, Alaminos, Alange


Local Presence

Alanís, Alaquàs, Alar del Rey, Alaraz, Alarba, Alarcón, Alarilla, Alaró, Alàs i Cerc, Alatoz, Álava, Alba, Alba de Cerrato, Alba de Tormes, Alba de Yeltes, Albacete, Albaida, Albaida del Aljarafe, Albal, Albalá, Albaladejo, Albaladejo del Cuende, Albalat de la Ribera, Albalat dels Sorells, Albalat dels Tarongers, Albalate de Cinca, Albalate de las Nogueras, Albalate de Zorita, Albalate del Arzobispo, Albalatillo, Albánchez, Albanchez de Mágina, Albanyà, Albares, Albarracín, Albarreal de Tajo, Albatana, Albatàrrec, Albatera, Albelda, Albelda de Iregua, Albendea, Albendiego, Albentosa, Alberic, Alberite, Alberite de San Juan, Albero Alto, Albero Bajo, Alberuela de Tubo, Albesa, Albeta, Albillos, Albinyana, Albiztur, Albocàsser, Alboloduy, Albolote, Albondón, Albons, Alborache, Alboraia,


In other words, our law firm has outstanding human resources, proven experience, and local presence throughout Spain.


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