Limeres, Attorneys: An Argentinian and InternationalFull-Service Law Firm with Offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Miami, Florida and the California Bay Area in USA


LIMERES, Attorneys, specializes in offering a broad range of international legal services in the Republic of Argentina. Our law firm represents high net worth individuals as well as small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. Our intervention takes place when Argentina or a Spanish speaking country is connected to a legal case in any way. Our firm has grown fast to become one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, engaged in the practice of law as a full-service law firm participating in some of the most important domestic and international transactions involving Argentine as well as foreign international corporations. Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina and due to this fact we have been retained by clients from diverse places around the world such as United States of America [USA], Russia, India, China, Brazil, United Kingdom – Great Britain – England, Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Chile, Israel, Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Taiwan and Ukraine among other countries.


Birth, Marriage, Death Records, Certificates and Licenses Required to Initiate Probate-Succession in Argentina; Elder Law, Guardianships, Conservatorships and General Probate Estate Process in Buenos Aires as well as Other Argentine Provinces; Analysis of Possible Implications of Foreign Structures under Argentine Law, including Statutory Inheritance and Tax Law Provisions; Argentina Private Investigators in Estate, Probate and Successions where there are No Heirs: Vacant Probate-Estate or Vacant Succession. The Government, The State, an Argentine Province as the Sole Heir-Inheritor; Successions and Probate-Estate Processes that Involve Penal-Criminal Cases, Labor Law, Tax and Tributary Law (and the Argentine Internal Revenue Service: IRS = AFIP); International Probate and Estate Planning involving Argentina: Successions of Foreigners, US Citizens and Argentines/Argentinians with Property and/or Assets in Colonia, Punta del Este, Maldonado, Montevideo, Jose Ignacio, Garzon, La Paloma in Rocha, etc. in Uruguay; Unclaimed Bank Accounts involving Beneficiaries residing in Argentina, Uruguay, the United States of America or any country in Latin America. Argentine and USA Affidavits and Sworn Statements; Consumer Resources to Probate, Conservatorship and Estate Settlement; Advice on Argentine Surrogate Laws, Death Announcements, Newspaper Obituaries, Funeral Notices. Argentina Heir and Asset Locators. Legal Assistance in Argentina to Public Administrator’s searches for family members and wills, arrangement for disposition of remains, locate and manage assets, monitor creditor claims, review taxes and provide services necessary to administer each estate through distribution to heirs and beneficiaries. Charitable Activities; Short Tract Inheritances; Family Business Transition; Forced and Non Forced Heirs; Estate and Inheritance Law in General; Land Banking in Probate-Estate Processes; Testamentary and Non Testamentary Heirs; Trusts, Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Wills and Trusts: Legal Drafting and Structuring; Cross-Border Family and Estate Planning Issues; Succession Planning for Pensioners and Retirees; Estate Planning in Buenos Aires and All Argentina; Assignment of Heirs Inheritance Rights and Assets; Argentina’s Probate Process: Tax/VAT Consequences; Successions in Buenos Aires and Argentina in General; Successions of Sole or Unique Child and/or Grandchild; Successions and Probate Processes that Involve No Assets; Successions Involving Multiple or Various Heirs and Parties; Asset Allocation and Distribution to Heirs and Beneficiaries; Transmission of a Deceased’s Estate to Heirs and/or Legatees; Successions that Involve Minors, disabled and/or Handicapped Heirs; Estate Planning and Management: Business and Family Wealth Transitioning; Creation of Family Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Property Holding Vehicles; Successions, which become Controversial and/or Litigious while in a Probate-Estate Process;


Alternative Dispute Resolution; Annulment of Arbitral Proceedings; Appointment of Neutral Third Persons; Requests for Interim Arbitral Measures; Expert Witnesses in Court and Arbitral Proceedings; Argentine Arbitration Organizations and Proceedings; Appealing Arbitral Measures & Awards in Buenos Aires; International Arbitration in Argentina and Latin America; Review & Legal Opinion of Argentine Arbitral Proceedings; Buenos Aires Arbitrators Bar & Arbitral Tribunals in Argentina: CAC & CEMARC; Argentine Pre-Arbitral Preliminary Measures and Pre-Arbitral Referee Procedure; Sovereign and Private Party Representation in Arbitration Proceedings in Buenos Aires; Damages Caused by Monetary Fines in Arbitral Awards: Failure to Comply with Ordered Measures; Application of the WIPO & International Centre for Dispute Resolution Rules in Argentina (ICDR); Expertise in Local-Domestic and Foreign Personal, Business, Commercial and Investment Arbitration Cases.


Spanish and English Bilingual Speaking Legal Collections Team; Legal Recovery of Monies owed around the World by Merchants; Opinions on Collectability of a Claim, Judgment or Arbitral Argentine Awards; Mediation and Arbitration Representation for Collections in Buenos Aires and All Argentine Provinces; Collections in Major Areas of Argentina such as: Cordoba, Mendoza, Rosario, Villa Carlos Paz, Greater Buenos Aires Province, La Plata, San Miguel de Tucuman, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Salta, San Juan, Resistencia, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and Santiago del Estero; Creditor and Debtor Legal Representation in Court, Mediation and Arbitration Cases. Doing Business in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Legal Debt Collections in Buenos Aires; Money and Debt Collections in General; Personal and Small Business Debt Collections; Cross-Border and Multinational Debt Collections; Global Sports Collections for Athletes and Artists; International and Local Business Debt Recoveries; Legal Service of Process in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Government Trade and Commercial Debt Collection; National and International Debt Recovery in General; Argentine Tax Implications on Debt Collection Recoveries; Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Court Litigation and Administrative Agency Representation; Enforcement of Foreign and Domestic Judgments in Argentina;


Animal Welfare; Capital Paying-up Processes; Property Taxes on Farmland; Argentine Farming Tax Laws; Leasing or Rental of Farm Land; Intellectual Property Matters. Biotechnology; Argentine Family-Run Agricultural Companies; Agricultural Agreements, Contracts and Trusts; Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance; Agribusiness Litigation in Federal and Provincial Courts; Tax matters. Reimbursements. Registry of Grain Traders; Public and/or Private Issuance of Agricultural Capital Stock; Different Types of Insurance for the Argentine Agribusiness Industry; Employing Rural Workers throughout Argentina’s different Provinces; Financing Farming-Machinery and different Hardware and Equipment; Importation and Exportation of Argentina’s Farming and Agricultural Products; Federal and Provincial Laws involving Agriculture, Farming and Grain-Trading; Agricultural Real Property Laws, Carbon-Credits, Green Bonds and Environmental Laws; Purchase or Sale of Farm Land, Grains, Cattle and Vehicles from Argentine Citizens to Foreigners, or vice versa; Argentina’s Grain Stock Exchange: Rosario’s Board of Trade in Santa Fe, Argentina, and its connection with Chicago Board of Trade in The United States of America; Agricultural Real Estate. Structuring of the purchase and sale of agricultural Farms; Environmental matters. Argentine Regulations on the use of Water, Soils and Air. Green Bonds. Biofuel; Non-traditional Agricultural Projects, National Scheme for Rural Workers and Agricultural Agreements; Argentina’s Polo Scene: Sale and Purchase of Polo-Lots (General Rodriguez Polo Country Clubs), Thoroughbred Facilities, Polo & Race Pedigree Horses.


Argentine Immigration Law; Family and Employment Visas; USA and Argentine Immigration Law; Powers of the Argentine Government; Visitor and Student Visas in Buenos Aires; Argentine DNI and Passport for Foreigners; International Duties of Argentine Transport; Passports, Birth, Marriage and Death Records; Argentine Competence and Immigration Taxes; Stay of foreign people in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Argentine and USA Consular & Embassy processing; Rights and Duties of Foreigners Residing in Argentina; Complementary and transitory Argentine Dispositions; Argentine Citizenship, Argentinean Identity documents; Legal and illegal Issues of stay and Procedure Resources; Argentine People Living Abroad: Authority of implementation; Admission of Foreign People in the Argentine Republic and its Exceptions; Criminal Background Checks with the Argentine Federal Police Department; Assistance to Immigrants living in Argentina: Driver Licenses, Identity Cards; Entrance and Departure of People in and from Buenos Aires and Argentina in General; Argentina Immigration Laws, Translation and Interpretation from Spanish to English: Law 25871; Appealing DNM Denials of Temporary or Permanent Residency, Citizenship, Tourist Extensions of Stay, DNI’s and Passports; Retrieval of Immigration Records for Foreigners who Obtained Argentine Temporary or Permanent Residency and/or Citizenship Status in the Argentine Republic.


Abstraction; Patent Litigation; Risk Management; Patent Prosecution; Contract Drafting and Revision; World-Class Quality Contract Management; Electronic Discovery and Document Review; Legal Research and Competitive Intelligence; LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing to Argentina; Patent Analytics, Patent Drafting Services to Worldwide Corporations; Trademark and Patent Registration with Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Trademark and; Patent Office: INPI (Argentina?s National Institute of Industrial Property).


Alimony; Child Support; Child Custody; Argentine Family Law; Cross-Border Family Law; Divorce and Legal Separation; International Child Abduction; Complex Community Property Division; Local and International Family Law Cases; Enforcing the Hague Convention in Buenos Aires and All Argentina.


Argentine REIT’s; Buenos Aires Rental Laws; Argentine Trust (Fideicomisos); Argentina Landlord-tenant Law; Argentine Commercial Real Estate; Real Estate Litigation in Argentina; Real Estate Purchasing in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mortgage Financing in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires: Legislation; Real Estate Acquisitions for the Tourism and Hospitality Industries; USA Escrow and Title Insurance Services that operate Validly in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


E-Commerce; Dot Com Start-ups; Internet Defamation: Libel and Slander; Palermo Valley Angel Investors; Internet Law in Argentina: Jurisprudence & Leading Court Cases in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Brain Injury; Birth Injuries; Slip and fall; Wrongful Death; Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Libel and Slander; Property Damages; Defective Products; Security Negligence; Medical Malpractice; Pedestrian Accidents; Automobile Accidents; Structured Settlements; Professional Malpractice; Construction Site Injuries; Drugs and Toxic Chemicals; Insurance Claims in Argentina; Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; Traumatic Head & Brain Damages; Cruise Ship and Boating Accidents; Vehicle Rollovers and Tire Defects; Product Liability and Defective Products; Personal Injury Law in Buenos Aires and All Argentina; Bicycle, Car, Motorcycle & Trucking Accidents in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Profile Reports; Registered Agents; Mini-Tender Offers; Document Retrievals; Government Agencies; Administrative Legal Auditing; Tender Offers and Contract Awarding?s in Buenos Aires, Argentina (South & Latin America).


Export/Import; Foreign Claims; Foreign Investment; International Family Law; International Real Estate; Mediation and Arbitration; Argentina Business Licenses; International Civil Dispute Resolution; International Shipment and Transportation; International Business Formation and Registration; Doing Business and Investing in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Apostille: La Haya (Hague) International Convention Seal; Argentine Business Formation, Registration and Incorporation: Argentine SRL or Sociedad Responsabilidad Limitada, A.C; Asoc Civil or Asociación Civil, and S.A.: Sociedad Anónima.


Business Disputes; IGJ Attorney and CPA Filings; Tax Law Advice for Argentine Companies; Local Business Formation and Registration; Argentine Internal Revenue Service Filings; Incorporations in Latin America and South America; Escribano Incorporations with IGJ in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires; Tax Compliance Services and Statutory Requirements while doing business in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Argentine Corporate Compliance and Company Health Background Search: Argentine Legal Entity Data, Name, Type, Date and Place of Incorporation in Argentina, Registration Numbers, Tax ID, Status, Registered Address, Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Country of Incorporation, Corporate Documents, Officers, Management & Directors, Signing Authority, Date of Appointment and Expiration, Resolution, Minutes, Powers of Attorney in File, Date of Execution, Name and Title of Officer,  Number of Shares Held, Fiscal Year End, Auditor Appointment Registered, Most Recent Annual General Meeting, Filing Due Dates for Financial Statements, Annual General Meeting & Other Annual Filings. Remedial Actions Required and Costs Associated with Remedies and Non Compliance Implications. Shareholder Background Check.


Publicity Rights; Tax Issues in Argentina; Trademark Infringement; Intellectual Property Licensing; Copyright Protection and Infringement; Trademark Registration and Protection; International Productions and Collaborations; Entertainment Contract Counseling, Drafting and Negotiation in Argentina; Representation to Leading Record Companies, Cable TV Companies, Film Producers, Institutions that fund Industry Players, Writers, Art Directors and Editors.


Disability Claims; Argentine Labor Laws; Wage Hour Complaints; Argentine Labor Unions; Fair Treatment at Workplace; Employer Sexual Harassments; Legal Labor Issues and Disputes; Employer and Employees Benefits; Labor Law Litigation in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Equal Employment Opportunity in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Argentine Political Law; Political Risk Assessment; Investment Risk Mitigation; Economic Risk Assessment; Political Due Diligence Procedures; Foreign Direct Investment Analysis; Monitor industry regulatory changes; Negotiation with Argentinian regulatory agencies; Risk assessment of Argentine political environment; Establishing joint ventures with Argentinian partners; Legal analysis of foreign ownership rules in Argentina; Assess potential for government interference in industry; Due diligence on potential Argentinian business partners; Strategic analysis to reduce risk-capital ratings of projects; Negotiation and engagement Argentinian regulatory officials; Governmental or local business breach of contract resolution; Analysis of export credit and investment insurance in Argentina; Acquisition and merger economic, political, and legal risk assessment; Analyze impact of current political events on foreign investment climate; Analysis of political risk guarantees from governmental and private agencies; Develop strategy to minimize investment exposure to adverse regulatory changes; Strategic considerations with Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency in Argentina; Minimize exposure to political risk events for investing and doing business in Argentina; Analysis of potential sources and factors for non-commercial disruptions of foreign investments; Negotiation and engagement with Buenos Aires city, state, and Argentinian national government; Analysis of Argentinian power structure and social networks that protect foreign direct investments; Assess legal, economic, and political climate to determine appropriate political risk insurance strategy; Assess potential for adverse import, export, banking, real estate, manufacturing, and agricultural regulatory changes; Analysis of governmental policies towards manufacturing, banking, agricultural industries and foreign investments; Analyze industry risk for nationalization of assets, government breach of contract, currency convertibility restrictions, adverse regulatory changes and civil disturbances; Political risk analysis providing: quantitative indices on Argentinian political and economic climate, qualitative political, economic and legal due diligence, and Latin American regional geopolitical risks.


Missing People in Argentina; Successions: Estate Lawyers; Argentine Genealogical Heritage; Cemetery and Funeral Home Searches; Ancestors, Relatives and Family Search; Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death Index Search; Buenos Aires Ascendant and Descendant Searches; Argentina Genealogists: Argentine Genealogy and Ancestry Services; Bilingual English and Spanish Certificates, Records, Deeds, Documents, Lists; Trace and Discovery of Argentine Cousins and Kinship, Relatives, Ancestors and Family History Trees; DNA Genetic Screening, Religious Searches through the Buenos Aires Church System, Biographies, Birth, Marriage & Death Records; Government, Hospital and Cemetery Searchable Lists, Databases, Certificates, Titles, Deeds, Records, Studies, Books & Documents in Buenos Aires and All Argentine Provinces.
Genealogy Record Bank Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina and All Other Argentine Provinces: Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego, Tucumán.
Full Service Forensic, Lineage and Genealogical Law Firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina and All Argentinian Provinces; Argentine Genealogical Services: Church, Military and International Searches, Churches, Archives and Libraries, Federal, Province and Local Records, Medical Histories, Female Ancestors, Oral Histories, Form Letters, Family Books, Ancestral Files, Biographies, Cemetery, Census and Church Records, Codicils, Wills, Common Ancestors, Deeds, Argentine Directories, Emancipation and Emigration documents from Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Estate and Executor documents, Family Pedigrees, Family Histories and Genealogies, Grantee and Grantor Indexes, Guardian Gazettes, Holographic Wills, Buenos Aires Homestead Applications, International Genealogical Indexes, Inventories, Immigration Files, Calendars, Land Records, Letters Testamentary, Argentine Local Histories, Litigation Files, Manuscripts, Marriage Contracts Records and Bonds in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Military Records, Mortuary Files, Maiden Name Reports, Naturalization Records, Newspaper Announcements, Holographic Wills, Buenos Aires Asylum Records, Paleography, Passenger Lists, Powers of Attorney, Attorney-Client Agreements, Testaments, Quitclaim Deeds, War Records, Sponsor Letters, Testate and Intestate Succession Files, Title Documentation, Un-probated Wills, Vital Records, Warranty Deeds, Witness Deeds, Writ of Attachment and Summons in Argentina, Death Announcements, Newspaper Obituaries, Funeral Notices.


General Criminal Law Practice in Argentina for Individuals and Companies involving Crimes against People as Injuries or Death caused by Traffic Accidents and Negligence; Crimes against Honor as Dissemination of the Press by Calumny and Defamation; Crimes against Personal Liberty, specifically Burglary or Disclosure of Secrets; Crimes against Property, as Theft, Robbery, Extortion, Property Usurpation and General Damages; Crimes against Public Security as Transportation Crimes and Communication; Crimes against Public Order, as Illicit Association, Crime Instigation and others; Crimes against Legal Buenos Aires Authority: Document, Seals and Forgery Marks; Issuance of Bad Checks and Forged Balances in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Breach of Family Duties; Copyright Infringement; Criminal Responsibility for Medical Malpractice. Argentina Private Investigators (PI?s).
Tax & Criminal law, Representation of Individuals, Domestic and Foreign-International Corporations before the Argentine Economic-Criminal Courts
Corporate Fraud and Asset Recovery: Illegal Liquidation of Companies Assets, Representation of Creditors who were unable to collect their Credits due to Fraudulent and/or unlawful Liquidation of Assets in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cybercrimes and Antipiracy Procedures, Representation of Software Companies, ISPs, Buenos Aires, Argentine and Foreign Cable and Satellite Television Companies, who were victims of Software and/or Hardware Crimes as Damages, Signal Theft, Confidential Information Disclosure, Illegal Phone Tapping, Illegal Database Access, Copyright Infringement, and Piracy among others. (Software Legal)
Banking and Financial Criminal Law: Judicial and Extra-Judicial follow-up of cases arising from handling Financial and Capital Markets transactions, including legal advice to Individuals, Companies and Investment Banks
Anti Money Laundering and Corruption, Pre-Court Counseling, Representation for Penalization of Money Laundering in Argentina before the Buenos Aires Anti-Corruption Office as well As Argentina’s Internal Revenue Service’s Financial Unit.
International Criminal Law and Human Rights: Legal Counsel to Individuals, Foreign Provinces, Governments, States and Countries, Domestic, National, Foreign and International Corporations gathering evidence for Criminal cases filed in other Countries abroad, Process of Extradition and International Mutual Legal Assistance with Argentina and other Countries, Presentations before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Washington DC, USA), Inter-American Court of Human Rights (San José, Costa Rica), The International Criminal Court (The Hague, Netherlands), International Organizations and Courts in the evaluation of Venue for Complex Cases in Jurisdictions other than Buenos Aires, Argentina. Organization of Aid-Programs to promote Transparency, Corruption, Administration of Justice, Anti-money Laundering Control for Argentine Governmental Agencies, and International Organizations such as The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Expert Testimonies and Opinions, Affidavits, Documents on topics related to Argentine Criminal Procedural Law, in connection with International Criminal proceedings or proceedings with Foreign Courts as The United States, Australian or even The United Kingdom’s Courts.
Antitrust: Application of Argentine legislation regulating competition based on different aspects of Argentine Administrative, Business and Economic-Criminal, Law Act Number. 25.156 which grants special powers to the Argentine Consumer Defense Agency in order to enforce criminal procedural investigations for conducts where in exchange of goods and services, may limit, restrict, misrepresent or distort competition, or may even constitute an abuse of a dominant position in the Argentine local market.
Environmental Crimes, Environmental Policies implemented by Companies generating Awareness on the Importance of Environmental and Legal Issues in Buenos Aires and Argentina. International Treaties, Federal Laws regulating Pollution, as well as the “Argentine Hazardous Waste Federal Act N° 24.051” or other crimes specified in the Argentine Penal / Criminal Code; Constitutional Laws involving Criminal Activity in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our Law Firm can refer the following Bilingual Professionals in Argentina: Private Investigation Firms, Private Investigators or PI?s, Notary Publics (Escribanos), Licensed Mediators and Arbitrators, Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Architects, Patent Attorneys, Argentine Genealogists, Land Surveyors (Agrimensores) and Certified National Translators, Real Estate Appraisers and Brokers, Accountants, Private Investigators, Jewelry Appraisers, Coin and Stamp Appraisers, Jewelry, Auto, Boat, Furniture and/or Collectibles Auctioneers, Insurance Brokers, Stock and Bond Brokers, Investment, Advisors, Public Adjusters, Funeral Directors, Abstract Companies, Heir Tracers, Asset Locators, Cleaning Services, Plumbers, Electricians, Locksmiths, Carpenters, Roofers.

Limeres, Attorneys is also a Legal Domiciliation Service Provider and an Agent for Service of Process for U.S.A. Cases involving Buenos Aires, Argentina and Latin America. Notarial, Escrow and Title Insurance Services are also available in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Limeres’ lawyers strongly believe in fulfilling the obligation to assist through pro bono work to those individuals and groups unable to afford legal services in Argentina.  Limeres is a charter signatory to most Argentine Associations for Pro Bono services, pledging to commit attorney time equivalent to a decent percentage of the firm’s billable hours to work on all sorts of pro bono matters. Our attorneys (both litigators and non-litigators) represent individuals and organizations of limited means in matters including not-for-profit incorporations; immigration claims; housing and government issues; estate law and trusts; real estate projects involving ownership for low-income tenants; criminal appeals; divorces for battered women; employment discrimination and unemployment cases. Our attorneys also counsel nonprofit charitable and cultural organizations and handle representations in penal cases.

The firm’s long-standing commitment to pro bono work has been based largely on the belief that such work is part of the basic role of lawyers as members of our profession and as officers of the court. In addition, our younger associates derive substantial benefits from pro bono projects, including: (i) one-on-one mentoring; (ii) the broadening of their legal experience outside their practice area; and (iii) the chance to see more immediate and direct results of their own efforts.

LBVL&S, Attorneys has correspondent lawyers and law firms in the following neighboring Latin American countries where we can provide legal services: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico & Colombia. Please contact us for more legal information at [email protected]

Our basic approach to pro bono work is to permit each lawyer to select his/her own pro bono matters, as long as they do not conflict with or contravene the interests of other clients. In appropriate instances, we have, as a law firm, marshaled teams of lawyers to pursue larger matters, which could have a great impact on shortcomings in the prevailing system.

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