Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Get your documents notarized right now, online in minutes!

Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

To begin with, we are the trusted global solution to securely and legally notarize your documents online with our professionally licensed and certified notaries – at your convenience – 365 days a year

What are your hours of operation?

Our standard hours of operation are 8am-11pm Eastern Time Zone (US) Monday through Friday and 8am-11pm Saturday and Sunday. Please contact us to discuss after-hour needs, we will try to accommodate you via appointment.
Can multiple people sign? What if they are in different places? What if they aren’t available at the same time?
In fact, we can accommodate multiple signers, from any combination of locations.  Also, we can schedule multiple signing sessions. Then, email [email protected] to set up multi-signer appointments.

How do I sign my document?

First of all, do not sign your document before you upload and/or email them to us.  We use electronic signing (e-signing) technology that requires no additional hardware on your end, just your keyboard.  Actually, when you are in session with a notary, you will e-sign by typing your name onto the document. Additionally, we embed a number of security features into the document to protect the validity of your signature. In fact, the legal validity of e-signatures abides by the ESIGN Act of 2000 and UETA.

Yes!  We have successfully and legally notarized documents for people from all 50 states, as well as people overseas.

Likewise, all our notaries are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and are official representatives of the state. Although only notaries licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia are able to notarize documents online, Virginia explicitly gives its notaries the ability to notarize documents from people outside of Virginia.  In addition, the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution requires each state to respect the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.”

I submitted my document, now what?

First of all, our notaries will send an email out to you within a few minutes of submitting your request. However, there are times when all notaries are busy in session. Thus, if you do not receive a timely response please schedule the next appointment with a notary by Clicking HereNOTE: Please check your spam folder and in the future allow us from

Will a notary drive to me?

Actually, our online service is digital and electronic. For example, during your ceremony, you will be electronically signing your document (by simply typing in your name). Then, your notary will apply an electronic notary seal. Also, for more information regarding the Virginia legislation please click HERE

How can I test my webcam? – Do I even have one?

The easiest way to test your webcam is by visiting this site by clicking here: Test My Webcam. Indeed, this will walk you through to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Can you notarize a document that isn’t written in English?

Actually, not at this time. Please follow the following steps to translate into English: 1.) Go to and have the document translated. 2.) Upload the translated form to Lets Get Started.

Can Marriage certificates, Birth or Death certificates be notarized?

In fact, Virginia notaries are NOT authorized to notarize and certify true copies of these documents at this time.

Can I notarize an I-9?

We do not notarize I-9 forms at this time.

What time zone are you in?

Eastern Time Zone. For instance, to check out the current time please click here: Eastern Time

What type of payments do you accept?

Indeed, we accept all major credit cards and also Paypal.

 Is it Secure?

Yes, we use secure, 3rd Party Verification for identity and records both the Video-Audio portion of the ceremony which is kept securely in an online depository for future references.

What is the difference between a traditional notarized document and an online notarized document?

The only differences between the two are the tools they use. All notarial acts remain the same except the introduction of electronic signature, electronic notary stamps, and Video-Audio technology. Personal appearance, positive identification, and required notarial acts are still utilized with online notarization.


In California, for example, it is found in CA Civil Code 1189 2(b): “Any certificate of acknowledgment taken in another place shall be sufficient in this state if it is taken in accordance with the laws of the place where the acknowledgment is made.”

Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Need a Notary in Argentina? 24/7/365 Notarization, Apostille Services in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a matter of fact, our law firm is the global leader in online notary services, having served tens of thousands of clients in all 50 states in the USA and over 60 countries. Additionally, we built the patented real estate and mortgage closing platform based on decades of real estate industry experience and the input of executives from some of the nation’s leading title insurers, lenders, attorneys, investors, and other industry stakeholders.  Thus, combined with our team of professional, trained, and certified notaries, and patent portfolio, our service is unlike anything else on the market today.

Online eClosings are here, now.  Why are lenders and title companies adopting our notary service in Argentina?
  • Reduces total turnaround time from days to hours
  • Eliminates post-close scanning
  • Closing package sent by encrypted email or secure API transfer improves security
  • Differentiation in a competitive marketplace
  • NNA Certified Notary Signing Agents with proper training on your workflow and scripts
  • Endorsed by NAR as a member of the NAR Reach Class of 2015
  • Easy for the closing agent, agents, attorneys to attend
  • Improves customer experience
  • Signers can be anywhere in the world or in separate locations
  • Reduces costs
Why are consumers so happy to use our services in Argentina?
  • Easy scheduling with appointments available Videoconferencing
  • referencing means no strangers in their house
  • PII is more secure
  • Fully executed closing package copy is available to signers the same day


If you or your clients need to notarize documents regularly, you will love having an Enterprise account with NotaryCam.

Save Time and Money

Watch productivity soar and deals close faster when you no longer have to chase clients for notarized documents.
Cutting Edge Security


Our ID verification process and video recording of every session prevent fraud by either the signer or rogue notaries.

Unmatched Convenience

With 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world, clients will thank you for making their life easier.


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