Motor Vehicle Accidents: Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

Actually, uncertainty is part of life, and unexpected events lurk around every corner. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that every road is prone to traffic accidents and –unfortunately- you may become one of the parties involved in a traffic accident. For example, you may be either a victim, a guilty driver or even as an eye witness. In addition, this may happen in your hometown or even while being abroad.

Similarly, these situations are stressful and overwhelming, and they may be due to countless reasons and variables. First, human factors (sleep deprivation, distraction by mobile devices). Second, mechanical malfunctions (engine failure, tires in poor condition, lack of maintenance). Third, natural phenomena (snow, heavy rain, sun glare). Fourth, road conditions (road debris, deterioration, deep ridges). Fifth, external factors (wandering animals). Sixth, lack of safety culture (driving under the influence, young people driving without a valid license). Last, car theft, and so on.


In general, auto accidents refer to several types of vehicles. For example, ambulances, bikes, buses, cars, construction vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and taxis.

As a matter of fact, our team of qualified attorneys is capable of offering fast and reliable guidance, being available 24 hours a day, all year long. Indeed, after facing such a distressing situation, you need an expert to handle all the matters involved in a car accident. Also, we can provide you with emotional support and an effective and sound action plan.

Traffic Accidents and Material Damages

Moreover, any traffic accident can range from minor material damages up to physical injury, and even death. In addition, there are many different legal consequences, such as traffic citations, civil lawsuits, and even criminal prosecution.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive solution, but also we can take care of many aspects. Mainly, getting your car repair, and collecting police reports. Also, we can look for eyewitnesses and other victims. Additionally, we deal with car insurance companies by claiming damage compensation. Last, we seek appropriate medical treatment and we can represent you in court if needed.

In general, people often wonder if they actually need an attorney after suffering a car accident. But sometimes insurance companies even advise their clients not to seek legal assistance. Therefore, your best option is to contact us in order to assess your particular case. Consequently, after we offer you a clear overview of all the important matters, you will be better prepared to make a wise decision.


Likewise, over the years, our law firm has become a leader in the field of traffic accidents, by relying on a group of in-house and external experts and professionals. For instance, the team includes authorized vehicle appraisers and commercial agents. Additionally, there are certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, and database analysts. Moreover, we work along with paralegals, researchers, former DMV employees, and vehicle inspectors. Also, we rely on the services of authorized mechanics, vehicle insurance agents, car dealers, and notaries public. Last, there are physical therapists, medical consultants, etc.


Our Legal Services

Actually, our proven record of success is based on the experience and expertise we thoroughly apply to the cases our clients have entrusted us. For instance, the following list includes some of those legal services:


abatement, abearance, abettor, absolution, accessory after the facts, accessory before the facts, accomplice, accusation,

accused, accuser, acquittal, criminal act, illegal act, over act, wrongful act, act constituting a crime,

act of completion of the crime, adequate cause, aggravation, alcoholic intoxication, alibi, allocution, anthropometry,

arraignment, lawful arrest, warrant of arrest, arson, verbal assault, assault and battery, assert a defense, associate, attempt,


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

district attorney, prosecuting attorney, bail, cash bail bond, fixed bail, jump bail, release on bail, unsecured bail bond, bond,

banishment, bargaining for plea, stupefied, benefit of counsel, beyond a reasonable doubt, actual bias, bill of attainder,

bill of particulars, black maria, blackmail, botter, body of the offense, bribery, burglary, calumny, car accident,

automobile accident, capital case, code of professional liability, fraudulent collusion, commitment, commutation,

complainant in a criminal case, compounding a felony, compulsion, concurrent sentences, condonation, extrajudicial confession,


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

implied confession, indirect confession, involuntary confession, judicial confession, naked confession, plenary confession,

voluntary confession, confidence game, solitary confinement, confrontation, connivance, consent, conspiracy,

abiding conviction, coroner, coroners court, coroner’s inquest, corruption, count, counterfeit, attempted crime,

common law crime, continuous crime, infamous crime, instantaneous crime, petty crime, political crime,

quasi crime, second-degree crime, serious crime, statutory crime, against nature, criminal, criminal act, criminal action,

criminal capacity, criminal case, criminal charge, criminal contempt, criminal design, criminal intent, criminal jurisdiction,

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

criminal law, criminal lawyer, criminal motive, criminal proceedings, criminal prosecution, criminal statue,

death criminalist, criminalistics, criminology, mental cruelty, dead body, deadly weapon, violent death, defalcation,

defamation, public defender, defense, defraudation, degree of crime, delator, delinquency, denunciation, detective,

preventive detention, detention in reformatory, discharge, discipline, discretion, dismiss, disorderly persons,

disposition without trial, dispunishable, disqualification, disrepute, distracted person, disturbance of the peace,

doli capax, doli incapax, driving while intoxicated, drug abuse, drug addict, drug dealer, drug dependence, common drunkard,


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

habitual drunkenness, voluntary drunkenness, duress, duress of imprisonment, ear-witness, effective assistance of counsel,

embezzlement, embracery, emplead, endeavor, entrapment, exaction, examination, examining court, excuse for a crime,

partial execution of a criminal design, expired driver’s license, exercise of judgment, exoneration,

explanation of particular crimes, extenuating circumstance, extenuation, extortion, extradition, eyewitness,

fact of the crime, failure to testify, forgery, false arrest, false check, false claim, false evidence, false instrument,

false pretenses, false representation, false swearing, falsification, falsity, fault, felony, felonious intent, fine, fingerprints,

firearms acts, foreman, fore-matron, forensic medicine, fender bender, foreperson, foreseeability, foresight, forfeitable,

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Effective and Encompassing Legal Assistance

forfeiture, forgiveness, formed design, premeditation, frame-up, actual fraud, constructive fraud, fugitive, gambler,

gaming contract, good behavior, graft, guilty plea, habitual criminal, bodily harm, disposition hearing, preliminary hearing,

pre-sentence hearing, suppression hearing, culpable homicide, excusable homicide, felonious homicide,



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