Montevideo, Uruguay Business Company Formation Incorporation Services

Business Company Formation Incorporation Services in Montevideo, Uruguay


Montevideo, Uruguay Business Company Formation Incorporation Services

Montevideo, Uruguay Business Company Formation Incorporation Services

To begin with, below you can see our current fees:


Establishment Fee — GBP 1,500.00
Special draft of Corporate Articles — GBP200.00
Company Secretary — GBP 200.00 per year
Registered offices with mail forwarding services — GBP 600.00 per year
Annual basic tax GBP200 per year
2014 Annual maintenance and administration fees — GBP1,500.00 per year
Translation of documents into English (or any other) including Consulate certification of translations — GBP250.00 (optional)
Assistance to open a Corporate Bank Account — GBP400.00
Set up of certified documents for Bank Account opening purposes — GBP300.00
Accountancy and bookkeeping services — GBP700.00 per year
DHL delivery of documents — GBP80
(*) 1st year fees will be payable together with incorporation fees.


Above all, during the first year, fees are considered from the date of formation until the 31st December the same year. Next, the second and subsequent years, all annual fees marked above as “/Annual” become due from the 1st January each year. Then, they are payable until the 31st of January.


Translation of documents into the English language is not included though


Available immediately.


As a matter of fact, we may apply an additional cost to the charges above will be considered, of GBP500.00, per each year of existence. However, this will cover all changes and registrations (Company’s name not included).


Indeed, our law firm establishes the following Annual Fees for a wide range of legal services. For example, our Annual Statutory Fee includes the following items:
Firstly, our local incorporation agent handles all the services relating to company matters (registered agent facilities). Then, the filing statutory returns with official departments. Next, liaison with the registered office and the registered agent in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Also, complying with the payment of the Annual Government License Fees and other government fees.

On the other hand, our Annual Compliance Fee includes:
Above all, attending to routine compliance matters. For example, periodic file reviews and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance.

Moreover, processing and return filing with Internal Revenue, Registrar of Companies, and other official departments.


Likewise, nominee Services are recommended to those people who wish and require 100% privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity. For instance, your name will not appear on the Registrar of Companies, but the nominees’ names. You can, however, manage the company through a P.O.A. which can be issued as per your own wording.


Actually, if you contract our Nominee Services, we will issue a Power of Attorney. In addition, it will be certified and apostilled. Moreover, it will include the name of the person who will be in charge of the sole Management of the company. In other words, the Beneficial Owner. Additionally, it will include the following documents:

Nominee Services Agreements; Director’s Declaration of Trust; Director’s Resignation Letters signed and undated, and Power of Attorney


Actually, the following list includes the recommended international
ABN AMRO, Netherlands; AP Anlage & Privatbank AG, Switzerland (Group Parex Bank)



Atlantic International Bank, Belize; Baltikums, Latvia

Banco Santander, Spain, Uruguay, UK; Bank Austria, Vienna; Barclays Bank, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Dubai (UAE)
BPA, Bank of China International Ltd, HK;

Banca Privada de Andorra, Andorra; Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland; Bank Snoras, Lithuania, and Belgium, First Caribbean International Bank, in Turks & Caicos
First Gulf Bank, Dubai, UAE

Heritage Bank, Belize, HSBC (Bermuda, Cayman Islands, UAE, United Kingdom); Kiwi, New Zealand; Liechtensteinischa Landsbank (Osterreich) AG

LGT Bank ln Liechtenstein (Cayman) Ltd; Lloyds TSB Offshore Limited, Jersey

Loyal Bank, St Vincent & The Grenadines; Nordea Bank, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden; Parex Banka, Latvia; Raiffeinsenbank, Austria; RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Cayman Islands

Rietumu Banka, Latvia; SG Hambros Bank, Gibraltar; Standard Bank, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius, Singapore, and UAE
Standard Chartered Bank, HK; Valartis Bank, Vienna, Austria
Volksbank, Liechtenstein


Our Services

Indeed, our law firm offers independent advice to help you choose the right bank. Also, support regarding due diligence requirements. Moreover, assistance with filling in the required forms. In addition, we provide duly legalized corporate documentation where applicable. Nonetheless, we may recommend you to the bank based on your individual profile and due diligence documentation. Last, we can represent you before the corresponding bank in the course of account opening.


Actually, if extra legalization and/or corporate documents are required by the bank, additional fees apply. Also, bank own account opening fees and costs (if any) will be charged from the first deposit to your account.

Additionally, bank fees and costs are not included in our bank introduction fees. However, any of the banks above always have their final word, after the due diligence process. Then, they may accept you or not as their customers, depending on their own evaluation. Nevertheless, you are always free to open your company’s bank account by yourself, with some other bank of your selection.


Actually, a newly incorporated company will take approximately 45/60 days. Then, an apostille on documents takes usually from 4 to 5 working days.

Afterward, the delivery of documents may take 2 days.

However, in case you order a SA Corporation from our shelf list, delivery will be within one week time plus DHL mail.


First, in order to start the incorporation process, we only need an email from you, with your order, confirming the required optional services, if any. Then, a Proforma Invoice will be delivered to you with our banking coordinates so that you may settle payment by swift wire bank transfer.


Firstly, the names of the shareholder and Director of the company. Also, we need to scan a copy of their passports and Utility Bill as proof of address.
Afterward, 4 alternative names to carry out us the name search and approval for the company.



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