“Limeres Attorneys”: International inheritances that connect Argentina with the United States

“Limeres Attorneys”: International inheritances that connect Argentina with the United States


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The law firm has professionals specialized in the field of international inheritances and it works together with American firms solving inheritance processes both in the United States and in Argentina.


The law firm was founded more than 15 years ago by Sebastian Limeres, an American citizen born in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Limeres, in addition to living more than two decades between Manhattan and San Francisco, received his law degree from the University of Buenos Aires and then he obtained his professional license C.A.B.A. [Autonomous City of Buenos Aires] and other provinces.

Later, he achieved the same in the States of California and Florida, as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Argentine law. He has dedicated himself to the independent profession representing the U.S. community in Argentina and Latin America in international inheritance matters, enforcing foreign wills in Spanish-speaking countries and repatriating funds to the United States of America for the sale of real estate in the Republic of Argentina.

In those cases in which Argentine citizens and/or Spanish-speaking citizens in Latin America were to inherit real estate and/or assets in general in the United States, Limeres’ team of lawyers works together with correspondent and registered lawyers in the mentioned jurisdictions, taking into account the best interest of each client for each particular estate.

The firm is mostly hired by U.S. citizens, British citizens, and those foreigners who only speak English for the following matters: inheriting real estate, fields, or companies. It is also frequent that the services of Limeres’ team of lawyers are required to recover funds from dormant or immobilized bank accounts both in Argentina, the United States, and in other Latin American countries.

The law firm also advises individuals and family offices on estate planning, tax and probate matters when multiple tax agencies are involved in addition to AFIP, whether these are the IRS in the United States, HMRC in England, or ATO in Australia, to mention a few foreign tax agencies.

Limeres Attorneys is frequently consulted by Argentine heirs who inherit by will in the States of California and Florida in the United States. Its team of professionals usually works together with American law firms in order to recover inheritances that are later liquidated in order to repatriate funds back to the Argentine Republic.

Last, Dr. Sebastian Limeres has assisted several law firms in Argentina and Latin America with various hereditary issues in the United States. From obtaining simple birth, marriage, and death certificates, deeds or real estate documents in particular, to assistance in enforcing the rights of an Argentine heir in U.S. territory. For this purpose, Limeres Attorneys has a vast network of colleagues registered in all American states.



Argentina inheritance Attorney Lawyer

Argentina inheritance Attorney Lawyer

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