Investing in Buenos Aires

Investing in Buenos Aires

Why invest in Buenos Aires.

Investing in Buenos Aires

Investing in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has become one of the leading cities in South America in terms of tourism, economics, culture and sports events, and its reputation in education, entertainment, media, fashion, shopping, and science make it one of the nicest cities in the world.

Buenos Aires is home to many international sports events every year. Polo is, of course, one of them, being one of the best leagues in the world. Still, one of the most representative sports that Argentines enjoy is “fútbol” (football, soccer), where it holds one of the most competitive leagues in the world. The classic match “Boca vs. River” is an exclusive and unique sports event that has become a must-see for any football fan around the globe.

Your place in the world

It is not only a good city to invest today; it is a perfect place to live. Buenos Aires is known internationally for its high quality of life: good health care system, top Universities and business schools, rich history and cultural heritage -tango was born here-, unique and internationally famous cuisine, etc. All of these elements make Buenos Aires an excellent choice to live and work.

Proof of the excellent quality of life is that Buenos Aires is quickly becoming one of the most visited cities in the world.

Today, real estate prices in Buenos Aires have become very attractive.  There has been a price fall of more than 30% compared with three or four years ago.  Now is a great time to invest in a property in Buenos Aires.

Indeed, our Law Firm offers a comprehensive service suitable for your specific needs. For example, it ranges from the process of selecting a property depending on your needs. Also, we can organize home tours to see as many homes as you need -until you find your desired property-. Additionally, we provide assistance to get financing from the bank if necessary. Thus, we can assist you throughout the process. For instance, from the acquisition of the property, preparation and presentation of documents. Moreover, we can help you obtain a residence permit and relocation services.

To sum up, do not hesitate to contact us. Indeed, we will make sure you are not missing an incredible opportunity to invest in Argentina.

Local Presence

In conclusion, we rely on an extensive network of attorneys throughout Argentina. For example, below you can see all the legal jurisdictions where we provide legal services:

Buenos Aires, La Plata, Catamarca, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Chaco, Resistencia, Chubut, Rawson, Córdoba,

Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Paraná, Formosa, Jujuy, San Salvador de Jujuy, La Pampa, Santa Rosa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones,

Posadas, Neuquén, Río Negro, Viedma, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Río Gallegos, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero,

Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Ushuaia, Tucumán, Mar del Plata, San Miguel de Tucumán




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