International Lawyer in San Juan Argentina

International Lawyer in San Juan

International Lawyer in San Juan

International Lawyer in San Juan

To begin with, Mr. Limeres was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. Then, after having lived for over an entire decade in downtown Manhattan his family relocated back to Buenos Aires. In fact, he grew up and spent the next twenty years of his life in Argentina.
Afterward, in Buenos Aires, Mr. Limeres graduated as a Juris Doctor from Buenos Aires University Law School. Also, while attending U.B.A. he worked for an Argentine commercial court. Then, he moved to private practice upon graduating with honors.

Actually, in August of 2013, Mr. Limeres was accepted as California’s first Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of California. In fact, this license entitles Mr. Limeres to advise clients in California only about Argentine Law.

Moreover, Mr. Limeres recently became licensed with the San Juan Provincial Bar Association (FASJ). In fact, a US Energy and Gold Mining investor who has retained his firm’s legal services in Argentina. Additionally, he became licensed in Cordoba and Mendoza. Similarly, he handles Estate-Probate/Succession cases requiring him to be licensed in those Argentina provinces.

Local Presence

Above all, Mr. Limeres is capable of representing clients througout San Juan. For instance, below you can see all the legal jurisdictions where he provides legal assistance:

25 de Mayo, 9 de Julio, Albardón, Alto de Sierra, Alto de Sierra Este, Angaco, Angualasto, Astica, Baldes del Rosario, Barreal,

Bella Vista, Bermejo, Calingasta, Campanario, Campo Afuera, Cañada Honda, Carpintería, Casuarinas, Caucete, Chimbas,

Chucuma, Cienaguita, Ciudad de Caucete, Colonia Fiorito, Colonia Fiscal, Colonia Gutiérrez, Concepción del Salvador,

Desamparados, Divisadero, Dominguito, Don Bosco, Dos Acequias, El Bosque, El Encón, El Fiscal, El Medanito, El Médano,

El Mogote, El Rincón, General San Martín, Gran China, Guanacache, Huaco, Iglesia, Jáchal, La Bebida, La Cañada,

La Chimbera, La Falda, La Rinconada, Las Chacritas, Las Flores, Las Lagunas, Las Lomitas, Las Talas, Las Tapias,

Los Baldecitos, Los Berros, Los Médanos, Marayes, Marquesado, Media Agua, Mogna, Niquivil, Pampa Vieja, Pedernal,

Additionally, Mr. Limeres provides legal services in the following towns and cities in San Juan:

Villa Malvinas Argentinas, Villa Mercedes, Villa Nacusi, Villa Obrera, Villa Paula Albarracín de Sarmiento,



In conclusion, Mr. Limeres has impecable credentials and extensive experience. Moreover, he is duly licensed to represent clients before any court of law in San Juan.





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