Intellectual Property Lawyer Argentina

Intellectual Property Lawyer Argentina

Intellectual Property Lawyer Argentina

Intellectual Property Lawyer Argentina

To begin with, trademark attorneys are specialist legal professionals qualified to advise clients about protecting and enforcing their trademark rights.

Additionally, the main purpose of trademarks is to identify a person’s or company’s products or services. Actually, these products or services may take many. For example,  logos, shapes, and company names as well.

Moreover, trademarks are used by a large and varied range of companies. In other words, from multinational corporations to small local businesses.

Thus, trademark attorneys provide legal support on the registration, use, and exploitation of new and existing trademarks. In addition, they ensure that companies successfully protect the identity and integrity of their brands.

On the other hand, trademark attorneys also advise clients about other intellectual property issues. For example, copyrights, registered designs, and licensing.

Moreover, some key responsibilities include researching new trademarks and carrying out national and international searches. As a matter of fact, this will guarantee that the proposed trademark is not already in use. In addition, other tasks include advising on trademark availability for use or registration. Also, advising on design and copyright issues.

Nonetheless, our trademark attorneys oversee all procedural details of trademark registration. Also, they manage, protect, and enforce intellectual property rights. For example, trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, and the ‘get-up’ of a product. That is to say, its look or image.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Argentina

Actually, our law firm has a proven record of negotiating in trademark disputes, as well as taking action on trademark infringement and passing off. Therefore, we can assist you in drawing up appropriate contractual papers. In addition, we provide back-up to the solicitors and barristers conducting a case if it comes to litigation.

Accordingly, we advise clients on the use and protection of trademarks. Also, we specify the classes of goods or services they need to cover with their registration. Hence, we assist clients in identifying the nature of their intellectual property.

Similarly, we provide assistance on the legal aspects of marketing new goods or services and their introduction into the market place as well as developing brand enlargement.

Equally important, we compose complex letters to clients, the trademark registry and other parties. Also, we monitor existing and proposed trademarks. Moreover, we are capable of attending meetings and undertaking conference calls with clients and other contacts in Argentina and overseas.

Likewise, our staff is prepared to deal with general inquiries on trademark protection and to manage a portfolio of brands in Argentina and overseas. Moreover, we advise clients about countries in which to seek registration and the most cost-effective way of achieving this.

Additionally, our team is ready to file applications on an international basis as well as in Argentina. Eventually, we develop working relationships with the relevant brand managers and customers of departments. Afterward, we handle renewals. Actually, in Argentina, this is every five years, but it varies in different jurisdictions.

To sum up, at our firm partnership level, the work may also involve management and marketing activities.


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