Hire a Lawyer in Argentina

Hire a Lawyer in Argentina


Though it is certainly possible to represent yourself when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, this can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. Moreover, it often results in the awarding of less compensation, or none at all. Thus, any lawyer from our firm will be knowledgeable about all the legal guidelines you need to follow according to the legal framework in Argentina. Also, we will assist you with all the nuances of filing a personal injury lawsuit, how to handle taking a case to court, and more. In fact, without a lawyer’s help, you could make serious mistakes that put the financial compensation you need in jeopardy.

Above all, the practice of law is more than just appearing in court on behalf of a client. Indeed, if you need an attorney in Argentina, you’ll want to hire the best one for your situation. Thus, in order to get the best representation, it’s important to hire an argentine attorney that is in the practice area that your legal matter involves.
International Attorney in Argentina

International Attorney in Argentina

As the victim of an accident, unsafe product, or another person’s negligent actions, you are likely experiencing a wide array of troubles, from physical pain and emotional trauma to financial burdens. Sadly, in addition to these numerous difficulties, many victims in these situations feel uncertain about their rights under the law and their options for pursuing justice. We believe that no one in Argentina should miss out on the financial compensation and justice they need simply due to a lack of information.

Hire a Lawyer in Argentina


With over a decade of experience in the international Argentine legal field, we serve clients in every major area of law. Please contact us at [email protected]
First, if calling our Argentine phone number from a foreign country, please dial:
+54 (911) 4162-0021 (mobile, WhatsApp enabled)

+54 (11) 5263-3262

However, if your matter is urgent and you need to discuss your case immediately with a lawyer, please dial:

+54 (911) 4162-0021 (mobile, WhatsApp enabled)

+54 (11) 3221-4468

Also, if you are sending a Fax from abroad to Argentina please dial the following number:

+54 (11) 3221-2100  (Ext. 4468)

But, if you would prefer to call us at our U.S. number, please dial:

+1 (888) 227-7944  (TOLL-FREE IN THE USA)+1 (617) 610-2156 – Argentine Lawyers are available 24/7/365 at this phone number.

Toll-Free Fax Number in the USA:

+1 (866) 907-8712


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