Business Formation in Argentina: Potential Investment Vehicles

Business Formation in Argentina: Potential Investment Vehicles

Business Formation in Argentina

Business Formation in Argentina










More than 1,000 overseas companies operate in Argentina, including half of Fortune 100 firms, and many have more than half a century of presence in the country. In addition, transnational companies are involved in a wide range of activities. For instance, there are diverse sectors as agro-industries, automotive industry, chemicals, and petrochemicals. Also, pharmaceuticals, information technologies, and telecommunications. Moreover, public utilities, finance, and retail as well.


Additionally, foreign firms represent 67% of the country’s 500 largest non-financial enterprises and account for more than 80% of their sales. Similarly, recent flows are the result of the increase in the production capacity of transnational corporations with a long-standing presence in Argentina and of new transnational firms entering the domestic market, both resulting in greenfield investments.

Actually, our law firm specializes in offering a broad range of legal services in the Argentine Republic. In addition, we represent high net worth individuals as well as small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. Likewise, due to our fast and steady growth, we became one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Business Formation in Argentina: Potential Investment Vehicles

Indeed, we practice law as a full-service law firm participating in some of the most important domestic and international transactions involving Argentine as well as foreign international corporations.


Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina and due to this fact we have been retained by clients from diverse places around the world such as Russia, India, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Chile, Israel, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Ukraine among other countries.

Business Formation in Argentina

Business Formation in Argentina

Argentina: Diversified Economy

Argentina is a growing producer of technological and differentiated goods and services. In fact, it is the second-largest producer of genetically modified crops, the world’s fourth-largest producer and exporter of television content, and as any tourist will attest to: a world-renowned producer of high-quality gourmet beef. The software and IT services industry have been growing at a compound rate of 20% per year since 2002; at the same time, its exports have been increasing at an annual rate of 24% for the same period. Automotive production and exports also expanded significantly. Recent investments in agro-industry, biofuels, creative industries, professional services, and tourism, among others, are also expanding the domestic production capacity for the local and global markets.

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With over a decade of experience in the international Argentine legal field, we serve clients in every major area of law. In general, we encourage our clients to review the “PRACTICES” section of this site. Thus, they can learn more about who we are as a law firm. Indeed, we hope that everyone will find the information contained in this website to be useful. For additional information, please write to [email protected]

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