Business Bureau in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Business Bureau in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Business Bureau in Argentina

Argentina Business Bureau

Argentina Business Bureau

Why is Argentina Business Bureau offering customer reviews?

This type of current feedback is something consumers and businesses have told us is important to them when they research companies.

Also, it makes possible to share positive experiences, not just complaint information.

Who can post customer reviews?

Any customer can post a positive, negative or neutral review on a business. Argentina Business Bureau takes reviews a step further to provide businesses with the opportunity to challenge whether the reviewer had an interaction with their business. 

What’s the difference between an Argentina Business Bureau complaint and a customer review?

In order for a consumer to file a complaint with Argentina Business Bureau, they must be seeking a resolution from the business. Our staff works with both the business and consumer to resolve the issues and reports the details of that process. A customer review is simply feedback about their experience with a business and doesn’t require a resolution.

Do customer reviews affect a business’s Argentina Business Bureau rating?

No. Customer reviews and information contained in them are not considered as part of the factors that determine a business’s letter grade. 

How are Argentina Business Bureau customer reviews different than other review sites?

Argentina Business Bureau has been a trusted resource for consumers for more than a decade. No anonymous or third-party reviews are accepted. Also, businesses are notified they have a customer review and have an opportunity to respond before it is posted publicly. Businesses may also claim that the reviewer did not have an interaction with their business. In this case, Argentina Business Bureau requests substantiation of their marketplace interaction with the business.

Can a customer retract or update a customer review?

Yes. If a business addresses a customer’s problem posted on a customer review, the customer can choose to withdraw the review by emailing with the same email address used when submitting the review. They can also update the information in their original review.

Is my personal information displayed?

Argentina Better Business Bureau makes attempts to write personally identifiable information as much as possible.

Can a third party post a comment regarding a customer review?

Third-party comments are not permitted; only the reviewer and the business may add comments to a customer review. Those with similar experiences may either submit their own review or file a formal complaint.

Is there a time limit to file a customer review and when the marketplace interaction occurred?

Fortunately, there is no time limit.


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