Background Check Services

Background Check Services


To begin with, background check services are necessary for several reasons. A background check is an official public document issued either by the Civil Registry or private institutions, which shows very detailed and extensive information about any individual. This certificate may include the following items: personal information (full name, gender, ID and passport number, Social Security number, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, parents’ names, marital status, blood type, and medical insurance), education records, driving records, voting records, housing records, work records, tax records, credit records, as well as criminal and police records.

Situations that may require a background check

There are several and diverse situations that require the issuance of a background check. For instance, potential employers may request this certificate. This could be an individual (when hiring a babysitter, a home health caretaker, a house cleaner, a personal assistant, driver, bodyguard, etc.), a private company, a healthcare facility, the public administration, a law enforcement agency, or even the Armed Forces. Embassies and foreign agencies may also request it in order to grant a visa for work, study, or tourism. Financial institutions also run a background check on clients applying for a bank loan or a credit card. Moreover, educational institutions also need this vital information for candidates who are applying for a scholarship, or who will be working with children.

Other uses for a background check

Actually, this background check is essential for adoption agencies too. Potential landlords require a clear background check before renting a house or apartment to any applicant. Responsible political parties and foundations also run background checks on potential and existing donors in order to avoid money laundering and any other suspicious or illegal activity. In addition, any individual may need a background check for personal reasons.

Background Check Services

Our law firm offers international background verification services under the strictest confidentiality standards, with the latest data technology, updated security measures, and in compliance with the applicable industry standards. It is a known fact that it is impossible to obtain a universal background check just from one place. Background records are kept in different data systems at local, state, federal, and international level. Consequently, we are the only law firm prepared to deliver fast, safe, and reliable results when most needed. You can receive an online copy of your background check, or we can send you a hard copy by certified mail. In addition, we can rectify any mistaken information from a criminal or credit record. This will prevent potential employers or financial lenders from viewing inaccurate or outdated information about yourself. We can also expunge and seal criminal records.

Background Check Services

With more than two decades of experience in international law, we rely on a team of exceptional professionals, aided by all the technological resources available in the market. This group of experts consists of commercial agents and certified tax accountants. Additionally, there are auditors, document facilitators, database analysts, paralegals, and researchers. Also, we also work with former Secret Service consultants, multilingual translators, private investigators, inspectors, insurance agents, notaries public, etc.

Background Check Services

Background Check Services

Background Check Services

Below you can see some examples of other services and procedures we provide regarding background screening:


adverse action, applicant, authorization, adoption, background check, background investigation, consumer, consumer report, CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency), disclosure, DLN (driver’s license number), DOB (date of birth), EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), end-user, employment purposes, FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), final adverse action, first notice, identifier, public record, SSN (Social Security Number), address, gender, physical description, identifying marks, investigative consumer report, NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners), notice to users of consumer reports, partial name match only, permissible purpose, PII (personal identifiable information), possible record, preliminary adverse action, identity theft, reportable, second notice,


Background Check Services

summary of rights, unreportable, user certification, credit clearance, credit report, excluded parties list,

GSA (General Services Administration), OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), OIG (Office of Inspector General,

Department of Health and Human Services), Social Security Number Trace, Social Security Number Validation,

Workers Compensation Search National Bankruptcy, Lien, and Judgment Database Search, County Criminal Conviction Search,

County Misdemeanor Criminal Conviction Search, Federal Criminal Conviction Search, Municipal Criminal Conviction Search,

National Criminal Database Search, Sexual Offender Database Search, State Repository Criminal History Search,

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle), DPPA (Drivers Privacy Protection Act), Drivers License Abstract,

MVR (Motor Vehicle Report), State Agency, Education Verification, Employment Verification, Military Service Verification,

Professional Reference, Professional Trade License / Certification Verification, Bankruptcy Record Search,

County Civil Record Search, Federal Civil Record Search, Federal Tax Lien Record Search, Municipal Civil Record Search,

acquittal, arraignment, capias, conviction, criminal complaint, criminal plea, defendant, discovery, dismissal,

dismissal without prejudice, evidence, expungement of record, felony, Grand Jury, indictment, information,

judgment of conviction, magistrate, misdemeanor, nolle prosequi, nolo contendere, parole, plaintiff, prosecute, quash,

security clearance, summons, suspended sentence, warrant for arrest, work references

Background Check Services

To sum up, get in touch with us and let us discuss and review your personal situation in order to provide you with a customized and cost-effective solution. Give us a call or fill out our web contact form. We are available 24 hours a day, all year long.



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