Background Check Company

Background Check Company 

We are much more than just a Background Check Company

Background Check Company

Background Check Company

Deciding on which background screening company to choose is not a simple job. What you might be looking for is to be carefully listened to and understood. You need someone who appreciates exactly what you want. When searching for someone to work for you, you need efficiency above all. There is no doubt you will find these and even more at our law firm.

Employment Screening Solutions and Services

There is not one, but many reasons why employers turn us to deal with the inclusion of new employees. We offer tailored quick employment results in more than 300 countries.

There are several facts that prove that our law firm has always maintained its particular outstanding quality of employment screening providing services. These are:

Assistance in getting hired

We work with its experienced team of professionals to assist candidates in getting the job. Our thorough work and attention to detail are the key to our many years of success in helping qualified candidates find the most accurate positions for them.

Efficiency in obtaining results with up to date technology

The results obtained are communicated to our clients as soon as we find them. This is an essential part of our system because it saves time, money and reduces anxieties.

We care about working with the most up to date technology and have managed to acquire one of the most efficient methods in the business. Our unique applicant tracking system (ATS) technology guarantees positive and safe results fast.

Always in Compliance

 While building your employment trademark it is essential to be aware of every regulation. Our team offers all the elements and tools you might need to stay informed of the new rules you are expected to comply with.

International presence in more than 300 Countries

Globalization is everywhere nowadays. This is the reason why our screening search covers more than 300 countries worldwide. Our unique system guarantees a deep and precise candidate background so that you have no doubts about who you are hiring.

Almost 100% satisfaction rate from clients

Background Check Company

Background Check Company

Our great familiarity with the background screening system is the result of years of testing and working hard. The method we developed is characterized by its complexity and this is why only our skilled experts can obtain such exceptional results. We have been doing this for more than 25 years, reassuring that our efforts have been worth the results, including a 97% satisfaction rate from our total clients so far.

A shelter to your company

Hiring new staff is always a risk. You are forced to trust someone you know very little from and that you have never seen in your life before. Most companies have limited resources to truly find out who that person is. Fortunately, we have developed a way to reduce and even diminish those risks and uncertainties. With our help, there is no reason for you not to feel safe about letting someone new into your business.


Industries we work with:

Financial Services


Life Sciences





Public Sector 


Agricultural Services & Products

Air Transport

Books, Magazines & Newspapers

Broadcasters, Radio/TV

Energy & Natural Resources

Real Estate


Our geographic scope includes:




Latin America

Middle East



Identity and Personal Verifications

Criminal Background Checks

Drug Checks

Health Check

Education History

Work Experience

Executive Intelligence

Worldwide Screening

Credit History

Drivers License Check

Additional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Background Check?

A background check is an investigation of a possible candidate for a job opening. It is useful for the employer to have the future employee investigated in order to avoid uncertainties and eventual problems. Every one of the screening checks discloses a new characteristic of the person so it is easier for you to picture your future employer and how he/she will face the job.

Will a misdemeanor or felony show up on a background check?

Yes, they will as long as the employer has asked for this particular type of checking.

Is having a criminal record a reason not to hire a person?

Just because somebody has criminal records, does not mean they will not be hired. Many countries are in favor of guaranteeing equal employment opportunities for people in this situation. Employers are supposed to evaluate several aspects before taking this decision. For example, the seriousness of the offense committed, if it is work-related, and the frequency. Also, if the person has had a previous job after the offense or conduct. In addition, how the person is described from a character reference.

On the other hand, if the candidate has been involved in rehabilitation programs. Then, whether the job requires being in contact with a sensitive population such as children.

Similarly, if the person has been in prison and for how long, the scope of the penalty, and the environment where the person lives.

Is my information secure?

The information we handle is totally safe as we use a wide range of security technologies and we have professionals in charge of protecting the information from loss, illegitimate access and destruction.

 How long does the process take?

The duration of the process depends on many factors such as the type and amount of information required. In general, it lasts between one and five days.

Why do employers do background checks?

The aim of doing background checks is for the company and the employer to be protected against any unpleasant surprises that could have been avoided by doing the background checking. Many people tend to lie on their resumes and job applications and this is a way to discover who does.

If I am applying for the job, how can I get ready for my Background Check?

As a job hunter, you should not get nervous as long as you told the truth. It is just a minor inspection about your job life to confirm what you have told the employer in the interviews and in your resume. Some ways to get prepared is to get documentation to back up your education, such as diplomas; research your own history so you will find out what evidence might be missing or possibly misunderstood; and most importantly, be honest about every information you provide because the truth will eventually show up and it is better if the employer hears it from you.

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