Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

To begin with, our law firm specializes in offering a broad range of legal services in the Argentine Republic. In addition, our attorneys represent high net worth individuals as well as small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. Also, our firm has grown fast to become one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Furthermore, we engage in the practice of law as a full-service law firm. Thus, we participate in some of the most important domestic and international transactions involving Argentine as well as foreign-international corporations.

Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina. As a consequence, we have been retained by clients from diverse places around the world. For example, Russia, India, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Japan. Additionally, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, and Ireland. Also, Chile, Israel, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and France. Besides, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, and Korea. And last, Australia, Taiwan, and Ukraine among other countries.
Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

Argentinian Attorney Lawyer

Our Team of Experts and Specialists

Above all, our team of experienced attorneys is constantly assisted by a wide-ranging array of experts and professionals. For example, our in-house staff includes business agents, certified tax accountants, auditors, document facilitators, courier service, and expat tax services. In addition, we work with database analysts, financial advisors, paralegals, researchers, appraisers, former IRS agents, buyer/seller locators, and investment planners. But also, there are realtors, property insurance experts, and marketing agents. Last, multilingual translators and notaries public are also an important part of our law firm.

Local Presence

In conclusion, we rely on an extensive network of local attorneys throughout Argentina. For instance, below you can see a list of all the legal jurisdictions where we provide legal services:

Buenos Aires, La Plata, Catamarca, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Chaco, Resistencia, Chubut, Rawson, Córdoba,

Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Paraná, Formosa, Jujuy, San Salvador de Jujuy, La Pampa, Santa Rosa, La Rioja, Mendoza, Misiones,

Posadas, Neuquén, Río Negro, Viedma, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Río Gallegos, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero,

Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Ushuaia, Tucumán, Mar del Plata, San Miguel de Tucumán

Besides, it is worth mentioning that all of our attorneys are duly licensed to act before any court of law in Argentina. In other words, they have the experience and the qualification to represent clients regardless of the specific legal field.

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Argentinian Lawyer / Attorney

Argentinian Lawyer / Attorney.






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