Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

Our law firm specializes in offering a broad range of legal services in the Argentine Republic. Our law firm represents high net worth individuals as well as small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. We have become one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, engaged in the practice of law as a full-service law firm participating in some of the most important domestic and international transactions involving Argentine as well as foreign-international corporations. Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina.

Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant.

Our Law Firm has been retained by clients from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Arlington, who had business-related and/or legal issues in Rosario, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, San Juan, Córdoba, Tucumán, La Plata and Mar del Plata.

Your Legal Counsel in vast and complex Argentina

There are some situations where hiring a lawyer is essential. Consequently, if you need counsel when starting and/or dealing with a complex business in Argentina, have complicated tax matters that you may not know about, need to file for trademark registration or a patent, or become involved in litigation, then you will likely need to hire an Argentine  Lawyer.

Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

An experienced Argentine Attorney probably has seen cases similar to yours or at least knows enough to make a calculated guess about how it might resolve at trial. Sometimes a settlement is the best choice, while other times it makes more sense to see your case through to trial. An attorney also can help negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing party. Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

Foreign Legal Consultant

In 2013 Mr. Limeres was accepted as California’s first Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of California. This license entitles Mr. Limeres to advise clients in California only about Argentine Law. In 2016 he also became licensed as an Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of Texas #24100446.

With over a decade of experience in the international Argentine legal field, we serve clients in every major area of law.

For further questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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(USA) +1 (617) 610-2156 –  Mobile in ARG: +54 (911) 4162-0021 – Argentine Lawyers are available 24/7/365 at these phone numbers above.

If calling our Argentine phone number from a foreign country, please dial:

+54 (11) 5263-3262

If your matter is urgent and you need to discuss your case immediately with a lawyer, please dial:

+54 (11) 3221-4468

If sending a Fax from abroad to Argentina please dial the following number:

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Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant

Argentine Texas Foreign Legal Consultant




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