Argentine Private Investigators

Argentine Private Investigators

Undercover Investigations may include:

Argentine Private Investigators

Argentine Private Investigators



Above all, the Employee Screening Program can help you implement pre-screening and pre-employment screening for due diligence. Indeed, this program allows any hiring manager to access background information on applicants, candidates and current employees, for a variety of reasons For instance, annulling audits. Likewise, informed hiring decisions result in a higher quality workforce, which is the foundation of any successful organization.

Thus, through our network of sources located throughout the world, we provide information that saves our clients millions of dollars in employee turnover costs, internal loss, and negligent hiring litigation. 
For example, we offer the following services:
FAST Turnaround
Professionally Managed Service
Customized Screening Programs
Easy-to-Read Clear Reports
Cost-effective Results
Nationwide and International Coverage

Specialized Background Services

For instance, if you are responsible for hiring people to work for and represent your company, then you have a responsibility to avoid negligent hiring. Therefore, from reducing high turnovers to limiting fraud, a pre-employment screening program will help reduce or eliminate many of the risks associated with not doing a pre-employment screening.
As a matter of fact, we are specialists in serving the needs of security departments, human resource departments, and small business operators. Also, we work with security management organizations and private consultants inside and outside the network.

A Full Range of Resources

Actually, we can compile a full profile of applicants. For example:
International Records
Public Records
Past Employment Verification
Personal Reference Verification
Education Verification
Credentials Verification
Security Interviewing
Field Verification Interviews
Annual Auditing

E-Form I-9 and E-Verify Services

Physical evidence and forensics services are a vital part of many investigations and case types. Similarly, physical evidence can be anything left behind at a crime scene, on the victim or suspect, in a car, home, hotel, or anywhere else that the victim or suspect may have visited in or around the time of the crime.

Also, forensic evidence is often physical evidence, but not all forensic evidence is physical. Moreover, many types of forensic evidence are digital, such as computer and cellular forensics.

Physical and forensic evidence comes in many forms, including
Fiber analysis
Latent finger, hand, or footprints
Trace element testing
DNA analysis
Handwriting analysis
Forensic accounting
Audio enhancement

Much more Body Wires Video Transmitters Tracking Systems High Powered Remote Viewing Equipment Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Some Advance Undercover Techniques

Surreptitious Witness Interviews Hidden Camera Placement Covert Drug Detection Covert Computer Use Investigations Covert Internet Use Investigations

In general, undercover investigations are conducted as part of our workplace investigations. Likewise, our teams are put together in-house and are deployed to answer your most difficult questions. Also, undercover investigators are properly briefed and trained to act as a part of your workforce. Nonetheless, the intricacies of the investigations are thoroughly documented and you are debriefed as for the assignments completed.

When undercover, our investigators will encounter the same circumstances your employees face. However, they are properly trained on both your companies and our procedures so they are working for you, toward your goals and objectives. Our teams can deploy for days or months depending on the complexity of your request.


Argentine Private Investigators

Argentine Private Investigators

Argentine Private Investigators

In general, we work closely in cooperation with our corporate clients and their counsels to minimize the impact of undercover investigations and provide you the irrefutable facts you need.

In addition, computer forensics may be applicable in any case in which the overall objective is to provide digital evidence of a specific or general activity. For instance, it can be anything from the simple identification and recovery of files to the investigation of industrial espionage or criminal fraud and deception.

In fact, computer forensics is a detailed science. Also, it is done objectively, as a “truth-finding” mission.

Forensic activities which may include, among others:
Securing the subject system.
Producing a copy of the hard drive.
Identification and recovery of all files, including audio, video, and graphical images.
Accessing hidden, protected, or deleted files.
Inspecting residue on the drive for previously deleted files.

Investigation of data from installed applications or programs.

Computer Forensic Services

Similarly, we offer computer forensic services to attorneys, private investigators, businesses, government and law enforcement agencies, as well as individuals in need of technical forensic expertise.

For example, our Argentine services include among others:
Digital investigations.
Data recovery.
Expert witness testimony in court.
Retrieval of lost data from damaged or corrupt storage media (including hard-drives, back-up systems, temporary storage units).
Password recovery.
Litigation Support.

Other Services

  • Find Lost Relatives
  • High-school Reunions
  • Adoption-Related
  • Past Military Buddies
  • Find Criminals and Vagrants

Accuracy in Finding People:

Actually, with access to every public record in the US and many other countries from our “Public Records and Information Resources” division, our specialists have access to records immediately. Additionally, with the expertise, skill, and information our team possesses, we can answer your questions efficiently. Therefore, this keeps your costs to a minimum to get you results in the time you need.

International Crimes in Argentina

  • Knowledge, experience and skills related to the country of origin
  • Defense for the falsely accused in Argentina
  • Evidence gathering
  • Complex investigations solved

United States Crimes

  • State and Provincial misdemeanor or felony criminal cases in Argentina
  • Cover and overt case preparation
  • Qualified experts
  • We follow your instructions to the letter
  • Properly licensed investigators in Argentina

On-Site Acquisition

Abandoned Property Investigation Mobile Phone and PDA Seizures Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations Cellular Forensics Cyber Sabotage Investigations Internet Cyber Bullying Eavesdropping Detection (Bugs and Taps) Opposition Research Email Tracking and SMS Tracing Sabotage Investigations Electronic Discovery Services Signal Piracy Investigation Espionage Investigations Counter-Surveillance Extortion or Exaction Investigations Covert Surveillance (Tailing) Identity Theft Surveillance (Beacon or GPS tracking)

Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement Unfair Competition Investigations Mind Control or Brainwashing Investigations White Collar Crime Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Additionally, techniques and measures designed to detect and neutralize a wide variety of hostile penetration technologies and methods. Thus protecting you or your company from unauthorized access to your classified security information, restricted data, or sensitive information.



Namely, perform an initial security assessment to identify potential and existing problems with your current protective measures Perimeter Security Assessment Structural Elements Survey (walls, ceilings, floors, exits, etc.).

Also, set up Primary Station Conduct thorough physical and electronic search of your home, property, and offices, including briefcases, cell phones, automobiles, watercrafts, aircrafts, computers, and more. Radio Frequency Sweeps (Practical demodulations), Automated Sweep, Spectral Analysis Sweeps, Vectors and Waveforms Assessment, Mobile Search and Intercept Receivers Sweep, VLF/RF Sweep – (AC, DC, wiring, etc),

Targeted Frequency Search, Line Carrier Sweeps, Other Proprietary Sweeps, Very Low-Frequency Sweeps, Infrared Frequency Sweeps, Infrared Lighting Sweep, Ultraviolet Lighting Sweep, Visible Light Spectrum Sweep Analysis of Telephone Lines, Demarcation Points, Digital Lines Line Attachments and Instruments Test,

Argentine Private Investigators

To begin with, Time Domain Reflectometer Wire Tests, Physical Inspection (instruments, demarcation points, wire, etc.), Key Service Unit Inspection, Fully Active Remote Switching Activation, Digital Line Analysis, Series Devices Test, Impedance and Balance Line Tests, Modified Systems Test and Inspections, Specialized Systems Test and Inspections (Faxes, Modems, etc.) Wire-by-Wire Inspection (AC, Computer Output Devices, Controls, LAN, Fire/Security Alarms, etc.), Wall Plates, Furniture and Artifacts (Hyper-intensive),

Moreover, Oblique Lighting, HVAC Ductwork Acoustical Leakage Non-Linear Junctions Inspections X-ray Imaging, Thermal Imaging Use of state-of-the-art equipment for “acoustic leakage detection” services,  “baby monitors” and wireless microphones, audio/video transmitters, even devices in a “non-operating” mode,

Argentine Private Investigators Experience and Expertise:

Certified and accredited Experts Government-trained experts available

Expert Witness Testimony Fingerprinting

As a matter of fact, over the course of your life, you may need to be fingerprinted for a variety of reasons. Additionally, many jobs that deal with viewing people’s private information require fingerprinting. For example, many government, security, and investigative positions.

Actually, our licensed private investigators will complete your fingerprinting in a timely manner, and we ensure the quality of our prints. For fast, convenient fingerprint services, visit today.

Retail Business

Basically, some experts say that in an average retail business, 20 – 40% of employees will always steal if given the opportunity. Then, another 40% of employees will consider stealing if the opportunity and temptation are too great. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as an employer to protect your assets from your employees and shoplifters alike.

Similarly, our attorneys will assist with detecting when and where your loss is occurring and can help you recover lost assets. Most importantly, we have consultants who can implement measures to protect your business from future loss due to theft. For instance, here are some strategies a security expert might employ to help you theft-proof your business.

Retail Audits

Primarily, these audits are conducted to discover what products are disappearing from shelves and stockrooms. Afterward, follow the chain of custody for these items to find out how and when they vanish.

Internal Theft Deterrent Programs

For example, deterrent programs involve marking or tagging all merchandise to prevent thieves from leaving undetected with stolen goods.

Undercover Operations

In other words, store detectives are hired along with regular sales staff to monitor both employee and customer behavior covertly.

Integrity Testing

Most importantly, tests are now available to administer to existing employees and potential new hires to discover their propensity for honesty, integrity, and ability to resist temptation. Additionally, this is also known as Mystery Shopping.

Covert Camera Installations

Actually, even the best video camera will miss criminal activity if the thief knows where the camera is aimed. Therefore, covert camera installations conceal cameras so that neither employees nor shoppers know where they are located.

Security Alarms

Indeed, an alarm system to prevent break-ins when your establishment is closed is essential to keeping your premises safe from burglars and off-duty employees.

Background Checks

First of all, don’t hire another employer’s problems. Thus, conduct comprehensive background checks on all potential employees during the hiring process. Also, on current employees that you suspect might be stealing from you.

Actually, the investigation of loss should be the first step. But loss prevention can only happen by designing a security layout for your location. Likewise, a security expert can help you assess which of these approaches is right for your retail establishment. Additionally, this will prevent you from wasting money on redundant or ineffective measures to protect your business from loss due to theft.


In conclusion, contact us for a free consultation and work with us to build a risk management plan to protect your private affairs, information and assets from bugging, corporate espionage, identity theft, and other unwanted intrusions into your privacy.




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