Argentine Lawyer Attorney Texas USA

Argentine Lawyer Attorney Texas USA

Dealing with every legal matter in Argentina

Argentine Lawyer Attorney Texas USA

Argentine Lawyer Attorney Texas USA

First of all, if you are thinking about establishing any business-related matter in Argentina, then there is a professional that you will mostly need: an Argentine Attorney Lawyer. In fact, the reasons for hiring an attorney are obvious. In addition, a good Argentine attorney will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your endeavor, from basic regional law compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability.

Argentine Lawyer Attorney Texas USA. Experts on Argentine Law

As a matter of fact, our founding partner was accepted as a Texas Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of Texas. Thus, this license entitles him to advise clients in Texas only about Argentine law.

Moreover, he has been retained by clients from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Arlington. In fact, these clients had business-related and/or legal issues in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, San Juan, Cordoba, Rosario, Tucuman, and Mar del Plata.

Indeed, our leader has built a solid reputation in the Argentine polo scene for having represented most of its foreign patrons and landowners in the sale and purchase of horses, polo fields and real property. He has represented patron-owners from Australia and the USA respectively.

Actually, our attorneys are duly certified to practice Argentine law in six different jurisdictions in the Argentine Republic. Namely, Buenos Aires District Capital (CPACF); the Province of San Juan (FASJ), La Plata (CALP) (which is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires); the Province of Mendoza (COLABOGMZA); the Province of Cordoba (CAC).

Our Legal Services

To sum up, our law firm specializes in offering a broad range of legal services in the Argentine Republic. Additionally, we represent high net worth individuals. Also, small, medium and large Argentine companies doing business around the world. Our firm has become one of the most prestigious and distinguished international law firms in Buenos Aires.
Indeed, we are a full-service law firm participating in some of the most important domestic and international transactions.
Moreover, our firm was profiled as the number one option for the foreign communities residing in Argentina. Consequently, we have been retained by clients from diverse places around the world.
For example, Russia, India, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Ireland, Chile. In addition, Israel, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and Ukraine among other countries.

For a Consultation please contact our Law Firm in Buenos Aires.
We serve clients in every major area of law.

Contact Information

For further questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]
+1 (888) 227-7944  (TOLL-FREE IN THE USA)
(USA) +1 (617) 610-2156 –  Mobile in ARG: +54 (911) 4162-0021

Indeed, Argentine Lawyers are available 24/7/365 at these phone numbers above.



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