Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed

Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed

Real Estate sale procedure in Argentina. What is an “Escritura”?

First of all, it is a common practice in Argentina when buying a property to sign a private sales contract first (“Boleto de compraventa”) before completing the sale process with the “Escritura” (Title deed). Therefore, in order to be valid, any property title deed in Argentina needs to be duly signed and certified by an Argentine “Escribano” (licensed notary professional). Indeed, the Escritura (Spanish for Title deed) is one of the most important documents used in the Argentine property conveyancing process, as it recognizes private property. Additionally, the Escribano is responsible for reading and explaining the deeds in the presence of both the buyer and seller and of making sure that all the information is correct.

What information does the Escritura contain?

Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed

Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed

In general, it will include the following information:

Names and identification of the parties involved (normally the seller and buyer)

Details of the legal representatives involved

Translator information

Proof that the seller is officially registered in the National Registry as the owner and is named as such on the previous deeds.

Property address

General property description

Any burdens attached to the property

Cadastral information

Property value

Taxes involved

Reference to how the price is being paid

Reference to the mortgage (if applicable). Furthermore, full mortgage details are in a separate deed called the Mortgage deed.

Argentine Escritura. Main Uses

Above all, an Escritura is a Title deed. In fact, it is a public document that certifies the change of legal ownership. Afterward, and once the “Escribano” signs it, then it is possible to change the ownership information in the National Registry. Similarly, the seller, the buyer, the acting lawyers, the translator, and the Notary professional are the signing parties.

Can I get certified copies of the Escritura?

Certainly! You can request it from the acting Notary Public. However, this may take some time.

Actually, the close collaboration between Escribanos and the Argentine National Registry offers peace of mind to the buyer. Thus, it guarantees that the sale is legitimate and the property is free of any burdens. Nevertheless, it is advisable for anyone considering buying real estate property in Argentina to hire the services of an Argentine Attorney. Thus, this attorney will check all the details and important information before the deeds are signed.

To sum up, with over a decade of experience in the international Argentine legal field, we serve clients in every major area of law.

Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed

Argentine Escritura Real Estate Title Deed





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