Argentina Public Records

Argentina Public Records

Argentina Public Records

Argentina Public Records

Our law firm provides the outstanding services of worldwide corporate advisors. They specialize in the provision of company formations, company information, trademarks, legalizations, and legal services throughout the world.

Our team has great experience in the industry with over a decade of average service. With partners located around the world, we are able to offer our, clients and in-depth local knowledge within a global perspective.

Our staff of attorneys is committed to understanding the clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, efficient, prompt and cost-effective service. Our partner-led approach, coupled with strong expertise across a vast range of legal services, is the main reason why clients choose to build long-lasting relationships with us.

In fact, we have access to numerous business information databases and public records which enable us to provide our clients with up-to-date and accurate primary source information at all times.

Through our City of Buenos Aires location, we have easy access to the Argentine Company’s Registry and to all the Consulates. This, allows us to provide a fast legalization service.

Your Basic Working Relationship

There are essentially two ways to get help from a lawyer when you’re an executor: You can turn a probate case over a lawyer, or you can take on primary responsibility for handling the probate yourself and consult a lawyer only when you have questions or need limited help.


The Traditional Route: Full Representation

The conventional way to handle a probate is to turn it over to a local lawyer who’s experienced with this area of the law. You can’t exactly sit back and relax—it’s still your responsibility to gather and safeguard assets, pay bills, and take inventory, just for starters. But you may feel better knowing that an expert in handling all the court-related tasks, which is a probate usually means preparing and filing paperwork. (Unless there’s a dispute, which is rare, there won’t be any adversary proceedings in the courtroom.)
I want a lawyer to take responsibility for shepherding the estate through probate, you can still do some work yourself. Especially if you’re paying by the hour, pitching in can help keep costs down.

Final Details

In conclusion, wrapping up an estate always involves sorting through the deceased person’s papers—lots of them—and making phone calls to various agencies and institutions—lots of them. You can take on a lot of this work yourself; a lawyer is not required. Talk to the lawyer and make sure you’re both clear about who is responsible for what tasks. For example, make sure you know who is going to:

First, order certified copies of the death certificate. Then, deposit the original will with the appropriate probate court. Afterward, carry out an inventory of the property in the estate. In addition, make sure to have the valuable property appraised, if necessary. Also, prepare and file the deceased person’s final income tax return. But also, one for the estate.




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