Argentina Lawyer Attorney Santa Fe

Argentina Lawyer Attorney Santa Fe

The Province of Santa Fe

The Province of Santa Fe is part of the economic-political association known as the Center Region in Argentina, together with the provinces of Córdoba and Entre Ríos. First, it is located in the heart of Argentina’s lucrative soy harvest. Indeed, that’s where the province’s importance has continued to grow. Now it is rivaling Buenos Aires Province as the nation’s leading agricultural producer. Also, with Rosario as one of the most important ports in Argentina. In fact, most of the province consists of green flatlands, part of the humid Pampas. Also, it borders to the north with the Gran Chaco region.

Santa Fe’s most important cities are Rosario (population 1,193,605), the capital Santa Fe (369,000), Rafaela (100,000), Villa Gobernador Gálvez(74,000), Venado Tuerto (69,000), Reconquista (66,000), and Santo Tomé (58,000). The economy in the province is the fourth most important in the country, having been displaced from third place by neighboring Córdoba Province around 1970.

Rosario. Argentina’s third-largest city. Heart of the major industrial corridor.

Rosario is the largest city in the province of Santa Fe. Located on the western shore of the Paraná River, it stands as Argentina’s third-largest city. Also, Rosario is the head city of the Rosario Department. Moreover, it is located at the heart of the major industrial corridor in Argentina. The city is a major railroad terminal and the shipping center for north-eastern Argentina. Large ships reach the city via the Paraná River, which allows the existence of a 10-meter-deep port. Exports include wheat, flour, hay, linseed and other vegetable oils, corn, sugar, lumber, meat, hides, and wool. Additionally, manufactured goods include flour, sugar, meat products, and other foodstuffs.

The city has many public and private educational institutions, including the local university, the National University of Rosario.

Attorney in Santa Fe - Argentina

Attorney in Santa Fe – Argentina

Argentina Lawyer Attorney Santa Fe. Legal Counsel.

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