Argentina Investment Opportunity

Argentina Investment Opportunity

 Argentina Investment Opportunity

Argentina Investment Opportunity

Why You Should Choose to Invest in Argentina

To begin with, everybody has heard wonders about Argentina’s vibrant, modern and exuberant capital city that is beautiful Buenos Aires, but the rest of the world has surprisingly little knowledge of this vast and not so populated land. In fact, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Argentina. Especially when you consider the possibility of investing. Here are some facts: Argentina Investment Opportunity  

For instance, Argentina ranks 4th among the South American countries in terms of Foreign Direct Investment stock (after Brazil, Chile, and Colombia) and 6th in terms of Foreign Direct Investment influx. The three main investors in Argentina are the United States, Spain, and France. Also, Argentina has definite assets. For example,  its natural resources are considerable (copper, gas, and oil) and its workforce is highly skilled and competitive. FDI flows to Argentina, valued at USD 4.5 billion, declined by 60% in 2014, mainly because of the compensation granted to Repsol after the nationalization of YPF. Additionally, Foreign Direct Investment flows in the telecommunications sector are expected to recover thanks to the future construction of a 4G network. Actually, the country could experience positive development in its Foreign Direct Investment inflows due to the new President’s business-friendly economic policy orientation.

Government Measures to Motivate or Restrict Foreign Direct Investment

Indeed, the government has established various measures to encourage foreign investment in the form of incentives to invest in several sectors. For example, capital goods and infrastructures, financing programs, capacity promotion (employment and quality among others), encouraging innovation and technological development, geographic incentives and regional investments.

Strong Points

Actually, a wealth of raw materials, a good level of education, a human development indicator noticeably above the Latin American average, and strong growth for several years now.

Argentina Investment Opportunity

Argentina Investment Opportunity

Procedures Related to Foreign Investment

Freedom of Establishment: Yes

Acquisition of Holdings:
As a matter of fact, all sectors of the economy are open to foreign investors, on an equal footing with national investors. For instance, the investment regime is a liberal regime. In fact, foreign investment is not subject to any authorization or declaration, whatever the amount or the activity envisaged, and even if this means taking a majority share in the capital of a local company.
 Obligation to Declare: In principle, no declaration.

Requests For Specific Authorizations

Indeed, there is no declaration, in principle, except for large projects which require the agreement of the competent ministry.

For example, the TGV (high-speed train) with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Office, Real Estate, and Land Ownership

There are several possible temporary solutions for this subject. For example, domiciliation of the company at the private address of the director, and domiciliation in a business center.
 The Possibility of Buying Land and Industrial and Commercial Buildings. Moreover, it is possible to buy freehold, to build industrial and commercial premises or to buy through a real estate company.
 Risk of Expropriation:
Similarly, foreign investors are entitled to compensation if they are victims of expropriation.
 Argentina Investment Opportunity

Argentina Investment Opportunity

Argentina Investment Opportunity

The Key Sectors of the National Economy: Automobile, agrifood, raw materials.

High Potential Sectors: Automobile, agrifood, raw materials, call centers. Opportunity for investment in Argentina

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