Argentina Estate Attorney, Buenos Aires Probate Lawyer

Argentina Estate Attorney, Buenos Aires Probate Lawyer

Argentina Estate Attorney, Buenos Aires Probate Lawyer

Argentina Estate Attorney, Buenos Aires Probate Lawyer

Argentine Law Firm specializing in the following areas between the USA and Argentina:

Argentine Real Estate Law: Buy, sell, rent, lease property, land, farms in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis, Tucuman; Legal Appraisals,

Successions, Probate and Estate Law in Argentina: 

Retirements and Exit Plans, Transitions, Recruiting Successors, Of Counsel Agreements, Leadership Development. In most jurisdictions, succession planning is known as probate. Successions are used to transfer several items. For example, Property, Assets, Money, Real estate, Businesses, Stocks, Bonds, Bank accounts.
Our experienced attorneys in Argentina can guide you through the legal requirements of a succession and reduce the risk of potential problems. We handle litigation that may arise during succession regarding ownership of property in Argentina.

Moreover, our law firm in Argentina provides comprehensive wills and succession planning services while also guide our clients through the succession process. We draft initial wills, revise existing wills and administer succession. Our attorneys can also help you with the preparation of legal documents such as Acts of Donation, Power of Attorney, Bills of Sale and other legal directives that may be needed.


For your wills and succession planning needs, contact our law firm to arrange your consultation:

ARG: 54911-4162-0021 or in the USA: +1(617)610-2156

Argentine & International Business Formation: Incorporate, open and start a Business, Company, Corporation in Argentina or in any jurisdiction in South, Central, and Latin America.

International Entity Formation / Business Registration

Formation of an entity in a jurisdiction with which you are unfamiliar is always a time-consuming and onerous task. In addition, we have worked with local Counsel in many jurisdictions for years so they are acutely aware of your needs and the demands of your clients. They are sensitive to time pressures and billing constraints and will work with us to meet your most compelling requirements. From the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (SRL/LLC) to the Sociedad Anonima (SA/Corp), we can assist.


International Business Company Features

100% tax-exempt on all forms of income, gains and similar with no withholding taxes

Usually may not earn income from domestic sources

Fast incorporation

Relatively inexpensive to operate

No requirements to prepare and file annual financial statements

Flexible legal structure suitable for a wide variety of uses

Enhanced privacy (no public records of directors and shareholders)

Meetings of directors and shareholders can be held anywhere in the world

No currency restrictions (trading, assets, bank accounts, accounting reference, etc.)

No capital controls

Common Uses of Offshore IBC Companies

Personal services company

Professional services company/consulting company

International holding company (international headquarters company)

Overseas property holding company

Offshore trading company

Offshore investment company (e.g. closed-ended and open-ended funds)

Special Purpose Vehicle/Entity (SPV/SPE)

Yacht and ship ownership in each of the jurisdictions comprising the Argentine Republic, we have an entity duly licensed to serve as a registered agent. The cost is a uniform $500 per entity represented per year and all service of process is handled expeditiously and precisely with forwarding via Federal Express. We can serve as a registered agent/registered office in any province or territory. The concept of a statutory registered agent/registered office is usually limited to countries which share the Spanish/English language and traditions.

In such jurisdictions, we almost always have a law firm or company with whom we have a long-established relationship. By channeling all of our business to the firm, we can usually command “most favored client” pricing which we can pass on to you. Even in countries that do not require a registered agent, you may have a need for an agent in cases of Special Agreements such as Loan Agreements. Again, we will usually have an “in-country” agent that fits the bill.

International Business Corporation

The International Business Company of International Business Corporation (IBC), sometimes also referred to as an offshore IBC or IBC company, is a type of offshore company that is a product of specific legislation found in popular offshore financial centers (dubbed “tax havens”). International Business Companies are 100% tax-exempt in the jurisdiction of incorporation.  An International Business Company offers a number of features and benefits that make it ideally suited for a number of uses.


Above all, a limited liability company, or “LLC”, is an unincorporated business entity that is a cross between a corporation and a partnership. Similarly to a corporation, an LLC protects its members from personal liability for the debts and obligations of the company. Like a partnership, an LLC is typically formed by the filing of a “certificate of formation” or a similar certificate with the Secretary of State and is taxed as a partnership. Also like a partnership, the members of LLCs typically enter into an operating agreement which establishes how the LLC is managed. Indeed, this agreement controls the management of the company and how the members relate to each other.

Argentina International Lawyer

Argentina International Lawyer

Where S Corporations have limits on the number of shareholders who also must be US residents, LLCs have no restrictions in these regards. This makes the LLC a particularly suitable vehicle for non-US residents (See Company Formation for US Non-residents.) In fact, an LLC can have more flexibility in management because this is controlled by the member’s agreement, not by the Business Corporation Act of the state. Unless the LLC elects to be taxed as a corporation, it will be taxed as a partnership – income and deductions of the LLC will be passed through to members for inclusion in their personal returns.

Bottom Line:

For example, if one or more of the owners are non-US citizens, if you have a non-traditional management structure and so need more flexibility than the standard Officers and Directors arrangement of corporations governed by the state’s Business Corporation Act, then an LLC may be for you. Therefore, if tax considerations are a driving factor, you can achieve the same pass-through taxation by electing S Corporation status as a corporation.


Document Retrieval in General:

For example, Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce Certificates and Records. Title Certificates, Company certificates, criminal background checks. Obtaining corporate documents from a country outside the United States for a closing can be one of the most frustrating aspects of businesses. Also, we can usually make the process as quick and painless as possible.
Actually, there are several different types of document retrieval that we provide. For instance, good standings, certified copies of corporate documents, status searches, and tax certificates. Moreover, we can provide these for all domestic and international jurisdictions when available.

1. What is the Hague Convention for the Legalization of Public Documents?
The Hague Convention, originally ratified in 1961, is an agreement among countries to abolish the requirement of the legalization of public documents. Indeed, an apostille is used to certify the documents for use in the countries party to the agreement.

2. Which countries are members of the Hague Convention of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents?

For instance, if you need to legalize a document, you should need to obtain an “apostille” by a competent authority. Indeed, an apostille is a pre-printed form prescribed by the Convention. However, only those nations party to the Hague Treaty will recognize the apostille certification.

Click here to verify which countries are parties to the Hague Convention.

3. What is an Apostille?

An apostille is a certification of the document by a convention country.

4. Do all jurisdictions have status searches?

No. Many jurisdictions have company searches. Therefore, they would provide the same type of information. However, tax information on companies is generally only publicly available in English common law jurisdictions. Also, it is also important to note that many countries file this information locally rather than at a Companies Registry.

5. Where in the world do UCC searches and filings exist?

The Uniform Commercial Code exists only in the United States. The United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Northern Marianas have also adopted the UCC legislation as territories and the Commonwealth of the United States.

On the other hand, Canada has adopted the PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) by province and territory, which is analogous and based on the UCC.

6. Do all jurisdictions provide certified copies of all documents on file?

Many jurisdictions will certify all documents. However, the tax havens have either limited access or discretionary access to documents. Due to the fact that tax havens are for the most part high privacy jurisdictions, they do not require filing many documents. Additionally, they limit the amount of information on the public record.

7. Do all jurisdictions provide good standings?
Not really. In fact, the term good standing applies for the most part by English common law jurisdictions, which would include the United States, Canada, the tax havens and the United Kingdom. In Civil law countries, for example, most European countries, a certified extract of the commercial registry is equivalent to good standing.

8. Why is the International process more time-consuming?

Indeed, there are many variables when processing international work. Actually, there are different time zones, different corporate cultures, and different governments. Additionally, we have made efforts to decrease process length. In fact, we work with service companies and law firms in order to provide great customer service.

To sum up, call today for more information:1-617-610-2156 or email us at [email protected] International Lawyer




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