Argentina Death Certificates and Records: Fast and Reliable Service to Obtain Official Records

Argentina Death Certificates and Records: Fast and Reliable Service to Obtain Official Records

Firstly, a death certificate is a legal document which lists key information. For example, the location, time, and manner of death.  Indeed, such documents are considered vital certificates, along with birth certificates and marriage certificates. As a matter of fact, regional keepers of such certificates, such as county clerks, manage the filing. In addition, in many regions of the world, death certificates are also public records. Moreover, this means that anyone can obtain a copy of one by making a formal request. However, concerns about identity theft have made some nations question this practice.

Death Certificates from Argentina

Death Certificates from Argentina

Typically, a death certificate is filled out by a doctor or medical examiner. Nevertheless, when the cause of death is readily evident, sometimes police officers are also allowed to fill out a certificate of death. In general, the certificate must be issued as soon as possible. In fact, doctors may be subject to penalties for failing to complete a death certificate. For example, if an autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death, this should be included in the certificate of death.


Sometimes, death certificates may be issued without the presence of a body in certain circumstances. For example, when people are presumed to be lost at sea or in catastrophic accidents, a certificate of death will be filled out so that surviving family members can file for benefits. Moreover, these documents are also issued when someone has vanished for seven years or more, as the long absence strongly suggests death.

Birth Records

In general, birth records contain the following information:

Argentina Death Certificates Records

Argentina Death Certificates Records

First, Place of event
Second, Date of event
Third, Name of child
Fourth, the date of birth of the child

Last, the parents’ full name and place of residence




Marriage Records

On the other hand, marriage records usually contain the following information:

First, the date and place of the event
Second, the Groom’s name, age, and origin as well
Also, the full name of the groom’s parents, as well as their place of residence
Similarly, the Bride’s name, age, and origin
In addition, the full name of the bride’s parents, and their place of residence
Likewise, key information about the witnesses

Death Records

In addition, death records may also include the following data:

Event date and location
Name of deceased
Gender, age, race of deceased
Date and place of birth
Religion, civil status
Date of death and time
Cause of death

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