Argentina Court Trial Lawyer Attorney

Argentina Court Trial Lawyer Attorney

Argentina Court Trial Lawyer Attorney with experience in United Stated of America, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, UK England Great Britain British

Argentina Court Trial Lawyer Attorney with experience in the United States of America, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, UK England Great Britain British


Born and raised in Manhattan, New York. After having lived for over an entire decade in downtown Manhattan his family relocated back to Buenos Aires, where he grew up and spent the next twenty years of his life in Argentina.
In Buenos Aires, Mr. Limeres graduated as a Juris Doctor from Buenos Aires University Law School. While attending U.B.A. he worked for an Argentine commercial court until moving to private practice upon graduating with honors.
In Argentina, he worked for one of the very few law firms which had a focus on Argentine Soccer Law. While at this law firm he was exclusively assigned to the biggest soccer club bankruptcy-case known in Argentine history. He also worked for the Legal Divisions of two Fortune 500 companies in the Argentine automobile industry. In both cases, he reported directly to General Counsels in the United States of America.

California Department of Real Estate Broker

In 2003, Mr. Limeres relocated back to San Francisco, California, where he obtained the California Department of Real Estate Broker License, also known as CA DRE Broker. This license entitles its licensees to transact in areas such as Minerals, Oil, Gas, Petrol, Loans, Precious Metals, Agricultural Commodities, and California Real Property.
While in California, Mr. Limeres also worked for the Chicago offices of one of the nation’s most prominent law firms in the United States until he was offered to act as the Broker of Record for a California Licensed Mortgage Brokerage. This California Corporation generated as much as six million US dollars per month in loans which were later packaged into the U.S. financial secondary market to banking and financial firms on Wall Street.

California Department of Real Estate

Mr. Limeres is also listed with the California Department of Real Estate as a Licensed Officer and Broker of Record: Ultimately, before returning to Argentina where he founded Limeres, Barassi, Ves Losada & Stanzione, Attorneys, he worked for the second known biggest Software Credit Corporation in the world in their Contracts and Legal Department in the Silicon Valley headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA.

Thus, in this position, he managed the company’s financial contract division in the Latin-American countries in which they operated. For example, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Puerto Rico among others. Also, this position allowed him to visit all these countries. Moreover, as a Lead Financing Contracts Administrator, he was responsible for the division’s contract-portfolio worth in excess of USD500MM+. In this capacity, he was also in charge of several Contract Administrators throughout Central, South and Latin America.

In comparison to all his other Argentine attorney-colleagues, Mr. Limeres is a native-born U.S. citizen. In fact, he has lived and worked nineteen years in the USA -in both the East and West coasts-, as well as having lived and worked another twenty years in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Legal Papers and Articles

Indeed, Sebastian Limeres is the legal author of several articles and legal papers about Argentinian and International Overseas Probate-Estates; Successions involving Heirs living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Abroad. Also, Inheriting Argentinian Assets and Real Property through Trusts, Wills and Testaments Overseas; Estate Planning for Argentine Heirs. Moreover, Selling Real Estate in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza in the Republic of Argentina. Last, Argentinian Inheritances and How to Collect Funds Owed from Argentine Debtors.

Afterward, back in 2014 Mr. Limeres became licensed with the San Juan Provincial Bar Association (FASJ) due to a US Energy and Gold Mining client who has retained his firm’s legal services in Argentina to inherit land holding gold as well as other minerals. Then, he also became licensed in Cordoba and Mendoza due to Estate-Probate/Succession cases requiring him to be licensed in those Argentina provinces.

Mr. Limeres has court and trial experience in Argentina, Uruguay, the United States of America and in the English Courts [England-UK-Great Britain-United Kingdom]. Indeed, in all four countries, he has appeared testifying as a Registered Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant, and Argentine Attorney-Lawyer and/or as an Expert in Argentinian Law.

Argentine Polo

Also, Mr. Limeres has built a solid reputation in the Argentine Polo scene for having represented most of its foreign patrons and land-owners in the sale and purchase of horses, polo fields and real property. For instance, in General Rodriguez -home to Argentina’s most exclusive polo clubs- he represented different patron-owners from England, Australia, France, and the USA respectively, while selling their entire polo clubs to new Argentine buyers. Actually, they were international multi-million dollar transactions.

Foreign Legal Consultant

In 2013 Mr. Limeres was accepted as California’s first Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of California. In other words, this license entitles Mr. Limeres to advise clients in California only about Argentine Law. See Rules. Then, in 2016 he also became licensed as an Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State Bar of Texas #24100446 as well as the Florida Bar.

On the other hand, Mr. Limeres is usually also retained as an Argentine Penal/Criminal lawyer in high profile international cases involving extraditions and cases that involve Interpol where United States (USA) Citizens or British (UK) Citizens are involved. Similarly, in criminal cases in Argentina that involve tax/tributary and fiscal laws or other related matters.

International Legal Consultant

Actually, the main reason why so many foreign clients retain Mr. Limeres’ legal counsel is because of his understanding as an International Legal Expert-consultant. In fact, this is due to his bicultural experience of having lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley and Manhattan while in the USA. Also, in Buenos Aires Downtown-Recoleta and Nordelta-Tigre, Buenos Aires while in Argentina.

In general, Mr. Limeres travels back and forth and is constantly in contact and up to date with both Argentina as well as the United States.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Limeres is the founding partner of an Argentine law firm that unites attorneys with a unique international background; Absolutely all his team has lived and worked in the United States of America.

Likewise, other members have also lived and worked in different metropolitan cities of the world. In fact, LBVL&S, Attorneys has the policy to only work with lawyers who can understand their clients’ culture and language.

Legal Jurisdictions in Argentina

Indeed, Mr. Limeres is licensed to practice Argentine law in eight different jurisdictions. Namely, Buenos Aires District Capital –CPACF-; the Province of San Juan in Argentina –FASJ-, and La Plata –CALP– which is the Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Additionally, the Province of Mendoza in Argentina –COLABOGMZA-; the Province of Cordoba in Argentina –CAC.

Last, the State Bars of California, the State Bar of Texas and the Florida Bar in the United States of America -only- as an Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant –SBC-.


Argentine International Estate and Inheritance Law, Successions and Probate Laws in Argentina (Argentine Heirs); Estate-Probate and Successions Litigation in Argentina

Civil Litigation in general; International Business, Corporate Bank Account Opening and Company Formation in Argentina and Uruguay

International Assets & Debt Recovery; Legal Collections; Argentinian Real Estate Law, Argentine Mining Law

Argentine Farm Investing & Agricultural Business; Argentinian matters, cases, and laws involving California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, USA

International Argentine Arbitration and Mediation Cases


In Argentina:

* CPACF – Colegio Publico Abogados Capital Federal – Buenos Aires Capital Federal Attorney-Lawyer Bar Association in Argentina
* CALP – Colegio Abogados La Plata – La Plata Lawyer’sProvincial Bar Association in Argentina
* FASJ – Foro Abogados San Juan – San Juan Attorney Provincial Bar Association in Argentina
* Colegio de Abogados y Procuradores de la Primera Circunscripción de Mendoza – Mendoza Attorneys Provincial Bar Association in Argentina
* Colegio de Abogados de la Provincia de Cordoba en Argentina – Cordoba Lawyer’s Provincial Bar Association in Argentina
* Buenos Aires University Law School. Attorney – Juris Doctor Degree & Law Bachelor (LLB)

In the United States of America (*):

* The State Bar of California: Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State of California #1075:
* The Texas Bar: Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State of Texas. #24100446 
* The Florida Bar: Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant with the State of Florida. #293788
* CA DRE – Licensed Broker #01444998

* CAMB – California Association of Mortgage Brokers (2004-2008)
* NAR – National Association of Real Estate Brokers -aka Realtors- (2007-2008)

In Uruguay:
*Universidad de la Republica Uruguay, Facultad de Derecho (2018) Juris Doctor -In process of graduation-


Sebastian Limeres, Esq. ( Lawyer / Attorney / Abogado )
Whatsapp: +54-911-4162-0021 or +1-617-610-2156
Tel. Arg.: +54-11-5263-3262 (ext. 103)
Tel. USA:   +1-650-690-7050
Email: [email protected]

+1 (617) 610-2156 – Argentine Lawyers are available 24/7/365 at this phone number. 

(*) Not licensed to practice law in any of the 50 States in the United States of America. Only licensed as an Argentine Foreign Legal Consultant in CA, FL & TX.



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