Argentina Business Opportunities Argentine Ready-Made Companies – Argentinian Aged Shelf or Shell Companies – Old Virgin Argentine Corporations

Argentina Business Opportunities

Argentine Ready-Made Companies – Argentinian Aged Shelf or Shell Companies – Old Virgin Argentine Corporations

In Argentina or Uruguay, a shelf corporationshelf company, or aged corporation is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity – metaphorically put on the “shelf” to “age”. The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one.

Ready-Made Companies in Argentina and/or Uruguay

All our ready-made companies are already incorporated with neutral names, they have never traded and are available for immediate transfer.

Argentina Business Opportunities

Common reasons for buying a shelf corporation include:

  • To save the time involved in taking the steps to create a new corporation.
  • To gain the opportunity to bid on contracts. Some jurisdictions require that a company be in business for a certain length of time to have this ability.
  • To show corporate longevity in order to attract consumers or investors.
  • To gain access to corporate credit.
  • Guaranteed access to bank accounts, business loans and Corporate finance instruments available from banks.
    Argentina Business Opportunities

    Argentina Business Opportunities

Transferring a Ready-Made Company to a buyer in Argentina and/or Uruguay:

We can transfer one of our Ready-Made companies to you within days.

The first stage of the simple process is the completion of our company details forms along with payment. We require details of the new Directors and Shareholders together with copies of the following due diligence:

  • Copy of all Passports for all shareholders;
  • Criminal background checks;
  • Letters of reference from two local banks for each applicant;
  • Local proof of no bankruptcies in your country of residence.

The company is currently registered with lawyers as the director who resigns from this position during the process of appointing the new directors and shareholders.

Indeed, our Argentine law firm prepares the company documents appointing the new directors and shareholders, these documents are all filed the same day with Argentina’s department of corporations. Uruguay takes a little longer.

In addition, copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association together with registration documents are emailed to the buyer immediately, and the originals follow in the post/courier.


Company Registration Procedure

The registration procedure to incorporate a company is:

Company Name Approval – Above all, the company name must be officially approved by the Registrar of Companies in Argentina

File statutory documents – In fact, our lawyers file the statutory documents including the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the Registrar of Companies. In other words, the Articles of Association are the company’s constitution and the internal procedures under which the company will be run. Our law firm can provide a standard Articles of Association document that is suitable for most requirements.

Registered Office/Registered Agent – We can provide a registered office address for the buyers’ new company, this legal address is a requirement to incorporate a new company in Argentina or Uruguay.

Issue a Certificate of Incorporation – After submitting all the necessary documents to the Registrar, Argentina and Uruguay’s department of corporations will issue a Certificate of Incorporation for the new company. Actually, the Certificate of Incorporation shows the registration of the company. Additionally, it includes the company name, company registration number, and the date of incorporation in Argentina or Uruguay.

Company Incorporated – First of all, the incorporation of the company in Argentina or Uruguay is in accordance with to client’s specifications. Then, we send the registration documents from Argentina or Uruguay. Thus, the company is ready to start a trading business in Argentina or Uruguay depending on where the client decided to incorporate.

Argentina Business Opportunities

Argentina Business Opportunities

Company Secretarial Services – Our law firms in Argentina or Uruguay can assist with any company secretarial advice required and can also carry out company secretarial duties on the client’s behalf.

Argentina Business Opportunities

Registration Requirements:

For the purpose of the Client’s company incorporation, the following information is necessary:

  • Proposed Company Name;
  • Description of the planned Business Activities in Argentina or Uruguay;
  • Name, address, nationality, passport number and occupation of the Directors;
  • Name, address, nationality, passport number and occupation of the Shareholders;
  • The number of shares for each Shareholder;
  • Company Secretary Particulars – where required, our law firm can provide a company secretary service

A brief history of the country

The history of Argentina began in 1776 with the creation of the Virreinato del Río de la Plata, the name given to the colonial territories of Spain. Afterward, in 1810, Argentina initiated a process that led to independence in 1816. However, for over sixty years there were internal battles for control of income from Customs, monopolized by the Province of Buenos Aires.

Then, after this period of civil war, the country began a process of modernization in 1880. As a matter of fact, it was the creation of new public institutions and efforts to incorporate the country into the international system of division of labor as an agricultural commodity producer. Additionally, at the beginning of the twentieth century, Argentina followed an agro-export economic model which placed it as a leader in the world economy.

This model was based on three pillars. For instance, a) high prices of commodities, b) incorporation of extensive croplands to the production process, c) and the incorporation of hundreds of thousands of relatively highly-skilled immigrants to the labor market. Then, between 1930 and 1983 there was a period of institutional instability, with a rotation of civilian and military governments.

Argentina Business Opportunities

Nevertheless, the effects of the Great Depression severely affected the country in the thirties. Mainly due to a drop in trade and export volumes. Actually, from the beginning of the fifties into the seventies, Argentina changed its economic model to substitute imports, in an attempt to create an industrialized economy. However, in the seventies, under a new military regime, the country adopted an open economic model, eliminating mechanisms to protect the industry.

Once democracy returned in the early eighties, the country faltered in finding a clear path to growth. Likewise, GPD was stagnant, as in most Latin American countries, with episodes of hyperinflation toward the end of the decade. Later on, at the beginning of the nineties, Argentina adopted a convertibility plan with a pegged exchange rate. Afterward, many of the country’s public utility companies were privatized during this decade.

Argentina Business Opportunities

Buenos Aires


The Republic of Argentina1 is located in South America, between latitudes 23°S (Tropic of Capricorn) and 55°S (Cape Horn). The Andes separates the country from Chile to the west and Bolivia to the northwest; Paraguay lies directly to the north, with Brazil, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east.



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