Argentina Attorney Lawyer Cordoba

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Cordoba

The Province of Cordoba.

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Cordoba

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Cordoba

Córdoba is a province full of nature, scenic, green landscapes, and hills. It is located just north of the geographical center of the nation. The province is famous for all the numerous “Villas” and beautiful, quiet towns just a few minutes or a couple of hour bus ride outside of the Capital City. The main feature of the province is the presence of an extensive plain covering the eastern two thirds of the province, and the existence of three major mountain ranges which, combined, are known as “Sierras de Córdoba”: the easternmost range starts just west of the city of Córdoba and reaches altitudes of mostly around 1,000 meters in the southern portion, and over 1,500 meters further north, with a maximum altitude of 1,950 meters at Cerro Uritorco. West of this chain, two valleys contain most of the tourist spots in the province: the Calamuchita valley in the south, and the Punilla Valley in the north, home of scenic towns such as “Villa Carlos Paz”, “Cosquín”, “La Cumbre” and “La Falda”.

Cordoba City is Argentina’s second largest city. Almost 41% of its inhabitants reside in the city and its surroundings, making it the second most populous metro area in Argentina. With about 1.4 million inhabitants it is in the heart of the Argentine territory on the Pampas. The city is surrounded by valleys, formed up by three main mountain groups. It is known for the colonial buildings in the downtown area as well as for the beautiful hills in the surroundings. With seven universities and a student population of 10%, it has plenty of energy and culture as well as many things to do. Add to that the fact that it has several nearby towns worth a day visit, such as beautiful mountain towns like Carlos Paz, Alta Gracia, among others.

Córdoba has founded in 1573 and for a long time, it was the largest and most important town in the region that today is Argentina. Córdoba’s University was founded as early as 1613 by the Jesuits. In the 1950s the city was industrialized by the Perón and Frondizi governments. Today, Córdoba is Argentina’s second technology hub behind Buenos Aires and leads in the motor industry and in high tech sectors like software and electronics.

Why would I need an English speaking attorney Lawyer In Cordoba, Argentina?

A good attorney that knows about Argentina will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your needs, from basic law compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability. The time to hook up with a good lawyer in vast Argentina is before you are sued. Once you have been served with a summons and complaint, it’s often too late.

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Cordoba.

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