Argentina Attorney Lawyer Chaco

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Chaco

The Province of Chaco in Argentina

To begin with, the Province of Chaco in Argentina is a land of alluvial plains. Additional, there are areas of subtropical vegetation and palm savannah in the humid east. Moreover, if you have a special interest in wildlife or like to get far away from big cities you will find it rewarding. However, you should avoid the blistering heat of summer.

Additionally, it harbors an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. For instance, more than three hundred bird species have been recorded in the dry Chaco. In fact, anglers come from all over the world in search of fish such as the dorado.

Resistencia: Chaco’s largest city

Indeed, Resistencia is the largest city and the capital of the province of Chaco. In fact, at the 2010 census, the population of the city was 291,720 inhabitants. Also, it is the anchor of a rather larger metropolitan area, “Greater Resistencia.” Additionally, this conurbation is the largest in the province and the eleventh most populous in the country.

Argentina Attorney Lawyer Chaco

Best legal counsel in Argentina

Above all, our law firm is well-known for providing legal and commercial assistance. Indeed, we cover a wide range of services. For example, business-related matters and basic regional law compliance. But also copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation. In addition, we handle lawsuits and liability.

Attorney in Chaco - Argentina

Attorney in Chaco – Argentina

Vast Geographic Scope

Indeed, our law firm has an extensive network of local attorneys throughout Chaco. For example, these are the legal jurisdicitons where we provide legal services:

Almirante Brown, Avia Terai, Barranqueras, Barrio San Pedro Pescador, Basail, Bermejo, Campo Largo, Capitán Solari,

Chacabuco, Charadai, Charata, Chorotis, Ciervo Petiso, Colonia Aborigen Chaco, Colonia Aborigen El Pastoril, Colonia Baranda,

Colonia Benítez, Colonia Elisa, Colonia Popular, Colonia Tacuarí, Colonias Unidas, Comandancia Frías, Comandante Fernández,

Concepción del Bermejo, Coronel Du Graty, Corzuela, Cote Lai, Doce de Octubre, Dos de Abril, El Espinillo, El Paranacito,

El Sauzal, El Sauzalito, El Tacuruzal, Enrique Urién, Fontana, Fortín Belgrano, Fortín Las Chuñas, Fortín Lavalle,


Puerto Bermejo, Puerto Bermejo Viejo, Puerto Eva Perón, Puerto Las Palmas, Puerto Lavalle, Puerto Tirol, Puerto Vicentini,


Sargento Cabral, Selvas del Río de Oro, Taco Pozo, Tapenagá, Tartagal, Tres Estacas, Tres Isletas, Tres Pozos,

Veinticinco de Mayo, Venados Grandes, Villa Ángela, Villa Berthet, Villa Jalón, Villa Río Bermejito,

Villa Rural El Palmar, Wichí-El Pintado, Zaparinqui, Zuberbühler


Contact Information

In conclusion, our law firm specializes in Estate-Probate & Successions Law. But also, we handle Real Estate and International Law in General.

Moreover, we represent clients from the USA and all around the world who usually only speak English.

Hence, call us at: +1 (617) 610-2156 in the USA or at +54-911-4162-0021 in Argentina. Our email: [email protected]; Skype: “SLIMERES”. Also contact us through: Whatsapp, Viber or Facetime.


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