LIMERES was founded in 2004. It started out with four Argentine attorneys who all shared a same background and common interest: They had all lived somewhere in the United States of America and all had either studied or worked at something related to American law practice which helped them understand how the U.S. legal system operates during their journey.

Today, almost two decades later, LIMERES owns the biggest law firm in Nordelta, which is probably seen as the most exclusive neighborhood in the Province of Buenos Aires, while employing 25+ lawyers all across the nation with a presence in each and every province in the Republic of Argentina, besides having a network of over 200+ lawyers through a platform of International estate and probate attorneys created in 2015 by Sebastian Limeres, the founder at LIMERES, who named it as “InheritEstate”. Briefly, InheritEstate is the first and only network of international estate attorneys with a focus in assisting with inheritances worldwide as it operates in all 7 continents and is headquartered in the California Bay Area in the USA. Sebastian Limeres is also the founder of Inherit.com, a digital inheritance vault in the cloud, and Sebs.com – an online real estate platform-. At LIMERES, its attorneys specialize in representing foreign heirs with International Inheritances involving United States citizens inheriting in Argentina and Latin America.

Now, after almost twenty years of being exclusively involved with several hundreds of international estate planning cases and inheritances overseas it is no surprise that the attorneys at LIMERES usually end up being engaged for cases from countries different from The United States inheriting in Argentina or somewhere in Latín America, Europe or Asia. As an example, in 2020, LIMERES was engaged and retained to reopen an estate in Cuba to claim funds with the Unclaimed Property Division of The United Kingdom’s Royal Crown in a claim exceeding four billion dollars which today involves thousands of heirs worldwide. Needless to say, this is probably the most notorious probate case known in the world because of its amount of heirs, assets and countries involved worldwide.

For LIMERES it is not important whether a case is big or small. What LIMERES is looking for is that the case is “International, involves plurality of citizenships or is multi-jurisdictional in nature”; this means that more than one jurisdiction, country or nationalities are involved in an estate or probate case.

As a ramification of Successions, Inheritances and Probate-Estate Law, LIMERES today also offers services of Family Office and Wealth Management, Repatriation of Funds and Remittances through Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets or Hard-Cash Currency Swaps in US Dollars or Euros, Legal Advice on the Purchase or Sale of Agricultural Farmland; Opening Bank Accounts Worldwide, International Business and Company Formations, Buy or Sale of Residential or Commercial Real Estate, Foreign National Mortgage-Loans, Tax Advice, Investment Visas and Legal Advice to the FinTech, Crypto currency & Digital Asset Industries.

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