Careers: Argentine Law Firm Seeks Lawyers Licensed in the Argentine Republic, the USA and Emblematic Jurisdictions around the World, May 2016

Careers at Limeres, Barassi, Ves Losada & Stanzione, Attorneys – An Argentine-International Law Firm in Buenos Aires

Limeres, Barassi, Ves Losada and Stanzione, Attorneys remains at the forefront of the legal profession in structuring complex international business transactions, representing clients in numerous high-profile matters involving international mergers and acquisitions, trading matters, private equity, project finance, oil & gas transactions, coal, iron ore and mining deals, and cross-border transactions in Argentina and worldwide. Our law firm also understands in cases involving Successions, Probate & Estate Law, Personal Injury and International Medical Malpractice. Limeres, Attorneys represents some of the world’s most respected companies and individuals in connection with their complex and sophisticated international requirements. Limeres offers a full-service legal advice in all areas of law affecting businesses and individuals living and investing in Buenos Aires and most regions of Argentina. We also provide expertise in counseling Argentine and foreign businesses and individuals doing cross-border activity in or with common law jurisdictions. Each of our members bring a unique background and professional expertise to the firm. Our firm shares an ethic of hard work, a drive for personal excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction.
Our law firm draws together attorneys from Argentina and the U.S. to offer a truly international legal service uncommon among local counsel. We recognize quality human resources as the means to achieve optimal client service. We reach our client service goal by attracting, training and retaining the most capable and motivated talent.
Strong communication, both within the practice and with our clients, is the key to building and maintaining healthy working relationships.
We listen to the needs of our clients and we work with them to achieve their preferred outcome, whilst retaining a pragmatic approach towards costs. We are experts in our chosen fields of law but we apply our expertise and our experience to ensure that you are always given clear, helpful and unequivocal advice.
Diversity in business is a positive force, and we believe this should be reflected in our working practise. We do not provide a one size fits all service, and our advice is tailor-made to suit the needs of our individual clients. We are proud of the long-standing relationships that we have developed with so many of our clients.
We are looking for dynamic, motivated junior associates qualified as attorneys in Argentina as well as the United States of America, the United Kingdom – England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand or Australia to work in our general practice. Applicants should have no more than ten years’ experience since graduation. Experience in well-regarded firms or companies are favorable to selection. Our practice is varied and transnational, combining legal professionals from the U.S. and Argentina to bring a unique service to businesses, investors and individuals. Command of both the English and Spanish languages is essential.

In Argentina he worked for one of the very few law firms which had a focus in Argentine Soccer Law. While at this law firm he was exclusively assigned to the biggest soccer-club bankruptcy-case known in Argentine history. He also worked for the Legal Divisions of two Fortune 500 companies in the Argentine automobile industry. In both cases he reported directly to General Counsels in the United States of America.

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